About Me

I'm in my late 20's and live in beautiful southern Maryland. I use running for cardio, therapy, and enjoyment. I'm a vegetarian, but I promise I don't mind if you order steak for dinner. I work full time as a chemist and live in a cute little house with my husband, Nick. He runs with me too, but is much faster than I am. He can run a sub-20 minute 5K and also stick by my side during a full marathon. It's ok to hate him a little bit.

We got married on Lake Tekapo in New Zealand in April 2013. Be jealous.

I ran cross country in high school and was always the sloooowwwww one. And I was ok with that. In my early 20's I decided I might not be built for speed, but how about endurance? I have run several half marathons and four marathons (Marine Corps Marathon 2011,  Richmond Marathon 2012Steamtown 2013, and NCR Trail Marathon 2013)! I have also done one sprint triathlon, which was a blast and I'd like to get back to that... one of these years.

As far as "healthy living" goes, I'm definitely one of the 80/20 folks. I have a sensitive stomach that doesn't respond well to excessive fat or carbs, and as a vegetarian I have to be mindful of my protein and iron intake (I have iron deficiency anemia, diagnosed in late 2011). I also struggle to keep myself at a "happy weight," since left to my own devices I'd weigh 185 lbs. I know this because that was me 3 years ago, and I was not happy. However.... I love beer. Carby, delicious beer. So, life (and my blog) is about determining where that balance lies.
Me around 185

I'm 5'8, so I carry my weight well. Kidding. I just end up looking like a linebacker.

I went through an ordeal in early 2013 where I tried to determine why I had such an irritable digestive system. I wrote a series of posts about that. The eventual outcome is for me to limit gluten, soy and dairy (yippee!). This doesn't mean I don't eat bread and pizza. Sometimes weekly. Sometimes I eat bread, then pizza, then more bread. Since I haven't been diagnosed with anything, I don't freak out when I have gluten or soy, but my stomach does. So I try to avoid it.