Saturday, February 10, 2018

Happy birthday baby D

You are 3, sweet boy.

You talk non-stop. You tell me what kind of vehicles are passing by us while we're driving. You make up stories for your cars. You tell me about our day. You are so chatty .You still have many cute phrases that are very much toddlerese but your vocabulary grows every day. Your big language hurdle is pronoun reversal. I don't know what I'll do when you finally figure out "you" vs. "me." I think it's endearing but it can be confusing!

I'm writing this to you as we lay in bed together. You're still so cuddly and attached. You nurse a lot at night but during the day it has decreased. I have moments every day where I go back and forth between wanting nursing to be over NOW and wanting to hang on to this bit of babyhood a bit longer.

Cars cars cars! You are amazingly smart and so into vehicles, cars specifically. We just went to the DC auto show and you had a blast. You love getting in all the different vehicles. You know countless car manufacturers and are learning engine parts .You're awesome.

You can recognize all uppercase letters, recognize your name, count to 40, and tell the time from a digital clock . This is important because you know when it's time to "watch a car video." We do that 3x a day to facilitate toothbrushing. You love Jay Leno's garage, Storybots, and anything car related .

You love Mac and cheese, pasta, chips, and granola bars. All the carbs. You're not super crazy about sweets though. You easily eat an orange every day by yourself. Your favorite vegetable is corn, but you also like peas and broccoli if enough butter is involved.

For your birthday, we went to Pump it Up in Waldorf with some of your (my) friends. Everyone bought you cars .You had a great time. Then we went to dinner with family .They sang to you .You didn't love it.

Almost every night we do baby 5ks, which involves running 12 laps around the house. You used to do it while holding our hands, but you recently started doing it solo too .You're super fast and seem so joyful while you run. You also love to play tag, though right now that mostly means running in circles until we catch you and tickle you.

You have the sweetest laugh when something really amuses you. You offer hugs all day and accept my kisses. You seem concerned when other children are sad. You have so much sweetness and joy and energy and intelligence. I love spending my days with youy ou  so excited for your future.

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