Monday, May 8, 2017

Delaware marathon week 19

Almost done!!!!

M: 5.1 outside (I think? I can't remember..)
T: 5.1 on treadmill
W: 5.1 on treadmill, 4 mi @ 7.6 (half marathon goal pace)
T: off, did a little strength stuff
F: 5 on treadmill
Sa: off
Su: 9.3 outside. Felt good, very spring-y which is a sign that taper is working!

Summary: 34.7 which is ehhhhh not so taper-y but still felt like a break. Since this isn't a "goal" marathon for me, and I don't need to be ready to race all out, I'm not as worried about tapering. I'm giving my body a break, yes, but I also don't want to be taking a ton of time off just before my goal race, which is the half in 2.5 weeks. That half is my "am I ready for a BQ attempt in the fall" race, so I'm trying to keep some level of intensity until that race. It's tough because a marathon is still a big deal and I know it'll be hard on my body, then I need to turn around and really put it out there 2 weeks after.

Here's a kid picture. Not enough of that around here lately.

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