Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Alexandria half T-2

M: off
T: off
W: 4.2 outside in the 90 degree weather. Felt ok, just slow during the run but very ick afterward from the heat.
T: 5 on the treadmill.
F: 4.5 on the treadmill, 4 at 7.6
Sa: off
Su: 5 on treadmill

Summary: I felt pretty good after the marathon. I had mild aches but nothing debilitating. I took 2 days off just in case. My first run back was outside on our first 90 degree day. It was a slog but I didn't know if that was due to the weather or tired legs. Probably both. Other runs this week felt pretty normal. 19 this week.

My goals for the half... yeah. I have lots of goals. Obviously I'm super pleased with my recent 5K time but with it comes a lot of pressure. According to my trusty running calculator, that 5K time correlates with a 3:25 marathon (?!?!) and a 1:37 half. That's craziness to me. My life goal is to BQ (duh). A 3:30 marathon corresponds to a 1:40ish half. So that's my goal, I suppose, 1:40 or less? Of course, this time of year, the weather could really screw that up. Hoping next weekend is cool and pleasant.

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