Friday, May 26, 2017

Alexandria half- race week!

M: off
T: 4 on the treadmill
W: 4 on the treadmill
T: off
F: 4 outside with stroller (!!), I had forgotten about the fun added resistance of the stroller
Sa: off
Su: race!

Summary: we're moving, yay! That is making it alarmingly easy to taper a.k.a. be lazy about running. Between packing and contractors coming at awkward times (11 am and 1pm are not the same time. You should let the customer know if you're going to be 2 hours late.), runs were a bit unpredictable. I'm also freaking out a little about how the 5 weeks preceding this race have either been taper or recovery. I don't feel at all prepared and I have no idea what I'm going to do come Sunday. On one hand, I was running 20 milers a month ago, and my super fast 5k was just 2 weeks ago. On the other hand, I ran less than 20 last week, which is...ehhh not so much.

Race plan? Find some pacers and hold on for dear life. I'll report back.

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