Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Delaware marathon week 16

M: 5.1 outside
T: 6.5 inside
W: 5.5 outside.. ridiculously hard for some reason
T: off
F: 6.6 on treadmill. Felt much better after a rest day
Sa: off
Su: 21 outside.... Ugh.

Summary: 44ish. Weird hard week. I think k the whole "cumulative fatigue" part of marathon training is catching up with me. Sunday's long run suuuuuuucked. It was miserable. I started out late and ran on the rail trail. It was full sun about 70% of the time and it was over 70 degrees when I started. Not ideal, especially since I've been running either indoors or outside in very mild weather lately. I didn't want to double back to the car and I was hopeful there was a water fountain on the trail (it's been a while since I ran there). Nope. Instead I started overheating and couldn't keep a gel down. Ran out of water. Walked. Walked more. Saw Nick and D and said hi, stole his Gatorade, walked more. Overall completely miserable run. However, I'm proud I finished it because I had the chance to stop when I ran into Nick, but i kept chugging. Also I know this is a fluke because last week's 20 miler was decent. Next week is the last (very) long run of this cycle and I'm very ready to be done for a while.

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