Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Delaware marathon Week 13

M: 4.3 on treadmill because baby
T: 6.3 outside, fartlek-ish
W: 2 on treadmill but then baby monitor crashed. HIIT instead
T: 6.5 outside
F: 3 on treadmill because baby
Sa: 19.1 outside
Su: off!

Summary: 41+, mix of inside and outside. This long run was hard, and I'm not sure why because it wasn't after a particularly hard week. Zero consistency this week. Oh well. 50 days until the marathon!!!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Delware Marathon Week 12

M: 6 on treadmill
T: 6 outside
W: 6.3- "Yasso 800s"- 8x0.5 @ 8.1 (7:24 pace)
T: mild HIIT
F: 5.6 on treadmill
Sa: 18.1 outside
Su: off!

Summary: 42 (whaaaa??!!) with some outside. Good job, me.

8 weeks until the marathon? Crazy. I'm excited to run with Tiffany and be with her when she reaches her goal!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Delaware marathon week 11

Halfway done?! This training is flying by.

M: off
T: 5.3 outside
W: 6.1 inside
F: 4.5 inside, fartleks sorta
Sa: 12.5 on treadmill because it was unpleasant (cold and windy) outside and very pleasant (netflix and snacks) inside.
Su: off!

Summary: I was trying to get back to my previous schedule now that Nick is back to his normal schedule, plus spring 5ks are starting and with them opportunities to work a short race into a long run. Win win!  28 and change for a stepback week.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Delaware marathon week 10

M: 2.5 because baby and because I didn't take a day off last week so I needed a rest
T: 6.4 outside because Nick had the day off
W: 5.8 on treadmill, Yasso 800's, 0.5 @ 8.1, 0.25 recovery. I think I did 7?
T: quick HIIT while babysitting TWO babies. Yikes.
F: 4.3 on treadmill
Sa: 5.6 on treadmill
Su: 17.25 outside with people!

Summary: 41.8 I think? Only long run was outside but it was quality!