Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Delaware Marathon week 9

M: 6.1 on treadmill because HALLELUJAH THE BABY NAPPED!
T: 6.3 inside because Nick got the day off!
W: 5 miles. Treadmill? I have no memory but I think I ran.
F: 6.3 on treadmill split into many sections because... baby
Sa: 5.3 on treadmill because... baby
Su: 17 outside

Summary: I am so bad with unpredictability. I wanted to do my long run on Saturday but when the weather and D and Nick's work schedule didn't cooperate, I just wedged in a run and then felt bad about how short it was. I attempted the next day while D hung with my parents. Success! The run felt great! I think that brings my total for this week to 46? Oops.

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