Sunday, February 19, 2017

Delaware marathon week 8

M: 4.7 inside
T: 5.1 outside, quarter mile fartleks for miles 2-5.
W: 5.2 outside with stroller and lots of wind.
T: babywearing fitness and a little HIIT
F: 5.3 outside with stroller
Sa: 9 with stroller
Su: rest

Summary: 29, almost all outside.

This week D really stopped napping. He had been toying with it here and there and this week he really committed to it. Yay. The super cool thing about parenthood is that once you have any tiny bit of comfort or routine, things fall apart. Oh, you've got a groove where you exercise, shower, do housework, cook, and generally keep things from going to hell in the house? Cool story, I'm going to ruin that for you, mama.


So. Back to the drawing board with how to fit training into my life. D doesn't love the stroller and it's currently a bit cold for him but in a few weeks that should improve. In the meantime I'll just run as much as possible with him and hope for the best come May!

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