Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Delaware Marathon week 9

M: 6.1 on treadmill because HALLELUJAH THE BABY NAPPED!
T: 6.3 inside because Nick got the day off!
W: 5 miles. Treadmill? I have no memory but I think I ran.
F: 6.3 on treadmill split into many sections because... baby
Sa: 5.3 on treadmill because... baby
Su: 17 outside

Summary: I am so bad with unpredictability. I wanted to do my long run on Saturday but when the weather and D and Nick's work schedule didn't cooperate, I just wedged in a run and then felt bad about how short it was. I attempted the next day while D hung with my parents. Success! The run felt great! I think that brings my total for this week to 46? Oops.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Delaware marathon week 8

M: 4.7 inside
T: 5.1 outside, quarter mile fartleks for miles 2-5.
W: 5.2 outside with stroller and lots of wind.
T: babywearing fitness and a little HIIT
F: 5.3 outside with stroller
Sa: 9 with stroller
Su: rest

Summary: 29, almost all outside.

This week D really stopped napping. He had been toying with it here and there and this week he really committed to it. Yay. The super cool thing about parenthood is that once you have any tiny bit of comfort or routine, things fall apart. Oh, you've got a groove where you exercise, shower, do housework, cook, and generally keep things from going to hell in the house? Cool story, I'm going to ruin that for you, mama.


So. Back to the drawing board with how to fit training into my life. D doesn't love the stroller and it's currently a bit cold for him but in a few weeks that should improve. In the meantime I'll just run as much as possible with him and hope for the best come May!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Delaware marathon week 7

M: 4.6 inside
T: 5.4 inside. Felt unusually hard...
W: 5.2 outside. Still kinda blah.
F: 5 outside, thanks to my mom for proofing like prodding me to go run!
Sa: 14.1 outside. Felt good except for ridiculous stomach upset.
Su: brunch!

Summary: 34ish, some outside. Good job, me.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

2 years.

Sweet boy, you are 2 years old.

Who's crying? I'm not crying.

You are sweetness and energy and joy made into the most beautiful squishy toddler. You are also obstinance and independence and mischief and so many other things. You are becoming such a person.

Your language is taking off! You can demand "tato" chips and milk (mal! Mal!) And ask for a drink (dit). You can say Grandpa (peebah) and Grandma and Kiwi (Didi). When we say "one shoe..." as we put on your shoes, you go "ohh two" and it's the cutest thing that has ever happened. You're amazing. I love that we can communicate with signs and words. You light up when we show we can understand you.

I look at you and I see boundless possibility.  You are so active, will you be an athlete? You love books, will you be a writer? You love cars, will you be a mechanic? I want every door open for you, but I want you to earn your success, too.

Your favorite toys are cars or anything with wheels. Your favorite books are those with cars, too. You love dogs and have a hard time understanding why we don't go visit every dog we encounter on our walks. You don't hate riding in the car nearly as much as you used to, although long trips are still pretty tough. You don't like strangers but you spent some time with your cousins at Christmas and you tolerated them, which was nice.

When I ask for a hug you almost always oblige. When I pick you up from the tub and wrap you in a towel (burrito baby) you relax on my body for a minute and I savor your stillness. We are up at all hours of the night, still nursing so much, and I remind myself that these moments of closeness are fleeting. This part is hard but your smiles and snuggles are so worth it.

Our lives are so full because of you. You are so special, so silly, so sweet, and so loved.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Delaware marathon week 6

M: 5.2 inside
T: 5.2 inside. Fartlek-esque
W: 4.5 inside
T: babywearing fitness class and some HIIT
F: 5 outside, middle 3 at 7:30 pace. Comfortably hard.
Sa: 7 mile trail race plus 4.5 extra miles of picking up trail markers.

Summary: 31ish including 2 outside runs! And tons of trails. I was aiming for 14 long run miles but the trail was hard and I figured I spent a ton of time on my feet. Hey with the week.