Monday, June 12, 2017

Back at it....

M: leg strength
T: 4 with stroller
W: off
T: 4 with stroller and some strength
F: off
Sa: off
Su: 6 on the treadmill because summer decided to arrive!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Alexandria half- race week!

M: off
T: 4 on the treadmill
W: 4 on the treadmill
T: off
F: 4 outside with stroller (!!), I had forgotten about the fun added resistance of the stroller
Sa: off
Su: race!

Summary: we're moving, yay! That is making it alarmingly easy to taper a.k.a. be lazy about running. Between packing and contractors coming at awkward times (11 am and 1pm are not the same time. You should let the customer know if you're going to be 2 hours late.), runs were a bit unpredictable. I'm also freaking out a little about how the 5 weeks preceding this race have either been taper or recovery. I don't feel at all prepared and I have no idea what I'm going to do come Sunday. On one hand, I was running 20 milers a month ago, and my super fast 5k was just 2 weeks ago. On the other hand, I ran less than 20 last week, which is...ehhh not so much.

Race plan? Find some pacers and hold on for dear life. I'll report back.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Alexandria half T-2

M: off
T: off
W: 4.2 outside in the 90 degree weather. Felt ok, just slow during the run but very ick afterward from the heat.
T: 5 on the treadmill.
F: 4.5 on the treadmill, 4 at 7.6
Sa: off
Su: 5 on treadmill

Summary: I felt pretty good after the marathon. I had mild aches but nothing debilitating. I took 2 days off just in case. My first run back was outside on our first 90 degree day. It was a slog but I didn't know if that was due to the weather or tired legs. Probably both. Other runs this week felt pretty normal. 19 this week.

My goals for the half... yeah. I have lots of goals. Obviously I'm super pleased with my recent 5K time but with it comes a lot of pressure. According to my trusty running calculator, that 5K time correlates with a 3:25 marathon (?!?!) and a 1:37 half. That's craziness to me. My life goal is to BQ (duh). A 3:30 marathon corresponds to a 1:40ish half. So that's my goal, I suppose, 1:40 or less? Of course, this time of year, the weather could really screw that up. Hoping next weekend is cool and pleasant.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

2017 Delaware Marathon (+ 5K! and Kid's Fun Run!)

I ran the Twilight 5K the night before the marathon because.... I don't know. It sounded like a good idea. But first, D ran his first race. Excuse me while I cry about how big this kid has gotten.

He was not super excited about the race. It was rainy and cold and overwhelming. I sort of thought I'd end up carrying him the whole way but once the other kids started running he took off! It was so fun to watch him run and hear the cheers. He seemed to love it. We've watched the video of him running many times and he seems to think it's super cool.

The 5K was just after D's race. It was still drizzling and chilly. I was worried about slipping on the boardwalk. I thought the race was on the small side but the results say there were 455 finishers! I started near the front and immediately tried to tag along with 2 tall guys that seemed to be comfortably running just under 7 minute miles. There were  a few women in front of me, but I wasn't sure how many.  The course was a flat out and back along the river. We started on the slippery boardwalk and then went into a lonely, kind of weird industrial area. I hung with the tall guys for the first mile, 6:42. I knew that was fast but I didn't feel like dying yet, so I hoped to hold on. There was a young girl (11 years old!!) not far in front of me, plus 2 other women. I made it my goal to hang with the young girl and hopefully pass her. I hoped she didn't know how to pace herself and she'd fade. Nope! She was amazing! Second mile I hung on at 6:54, 3rd mile started to fade but still pulled out 6:53. 6:13 pace for the nubbin (my watch said it was a little short but maybe screwed up by tunnels and hairpin turn). 20:55 finish. Holy cow. That's a PR by about 27 seconds! First time under 21 minutes. It's nuts. I was spent at the end but exhilarated.

Then we had dinner and the worst night of sleep. Ever. D was up from about 2am on, and we finally gave in and woke for the day a little after 5. Not a great way to start the day.

The marathon started wicked early at 7am. I met Tiffany and we walked about a mile to the race. It was cool and overcast but the forecast called for sun and mid-60's by the time we finished. I wore short sleeves and shorts and was pretty chilly at the start.

The race is 2 loops of the half marathon course. There was also a relay that somehow overlapped part of the marathon course. It was all very confusing. There were about 800ish half marathon, 330 marathon, and 92 relay finishers. This meant that the first loop of the course was busy and the second loop was incredibly lonely. Our first loop was great, we were both in good spirits and chugged along nicely. Second loop was less inspiring. Tiffany did great but we both felt that long run discomfort. The aid station volunteers were awesome and supportive and we stopped and chatted and ate and drank. She powered through the end and I'm so proud of​ her.

We finished with enough time for a shower back at the hotel! I did not love this race. The small size meant there were times we were completely by ourselves and signage was lacking. There were huge sections with no crowd support. It was nearly flat and the weather was perfect but I can't get past how isolated it was. I'm glad to check Delaware off my list. #5 in the books.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Delaware marathon week 20!

The reckoning!

M: 4.1 on treadmill
T: 5 including 4 @ 7.6
W: off
T: 4 on treadmill
F: off
Sa: evening 5K before the marathon.
Su: Marathon!

Summary: 42!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Delaware marathon week 19

Almost done!!!!

M: 5.1 outside (I think? I can't remember..)
T: 5.1 on treadmill
W: 5.1 on treadmill, 4 mi @ 7.6 (half marathon goal pace)
T: off, did a little strength stuff
F: 5 on treadmill
Sa: off
Su: 9.3 outside. Felt good, very spring-y which is a sign that taper is working!

Summary: 34.7 which is ehhhhh not so taper-y but still felt like a break. Since this isn't a "goal" marathon for me, and I don't need to be ready to race all out, I'm not as worried about tapering. I'm giving my body a break, yes, but I also don't want to be taking a ton of time off just before my goal race, which is the half in 2.5 weeks. That half is my "am I ready for a BQ attempt in the fall" race, so I'm trying to keep some level of intensity until that race. It's tough because a marathon is still a big deal and I know it'll be hard on my body, then I need to turn around and really put it out there 2 weeks after.

Here's a kid picture. Not enough of that around here lately.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Delaware Marathon Week 18

First week of taper!

M: 5.2 on treadmill
T: 5.3 on treadmill with some speed mixed in
W: 4.5 on treadmill until the smoke detector went off. Terrible.
F: 5.3 with a random break in the middle to go outside and talk to a realtor
Sa: 14.5, 6 were with Nick! I wanted to do 16 but it was HOT, humid, and I had places to be. Totally fine cutting it short.
Su: off

Summary: 34ish which is right on target for 80% of peak mileage.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Delaware marathon week 17

M: 5.1 on treadmill
T: 6.3 outside
W: 6.4 on treadmill
T: little bit of HIIT, little bit of strength
F: 4.4 on treadmill. I really wanted to nap but I fought the urge
Sa: off
Su: 21.1 miles on the trail. I ran most of this with Tiffany which was awesome! Nick also joined for a bit. Successful all around.

Summary: 43.3 for peak week. Yay. So happy to taper (check back in 3 weeks to see how much I'm hating taper...)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Delaware marathon week 16

M: 5.1 outside
T: 6.5 inside
W: 5.5 outside.. ridiculously hard for some reason
T: off
F: 6.6 on treadmill. Felt much better after a rest day
Sa: off
Su: 21 outside.... Ugh.

Summary: 44ish. Weird hard week. I think k the whole "cumulative fatigue" part of marathon training is catching up with me. Sunday's long run suuuuuuucked. It was miserable. I started out late and ran on the rail trail. It was full sun about 70% of the time and it was over 70 degrees when I started. Not ideal, especially since I've been running either indoors or outside in very mild weather lately. I didn't want to double back to the car and I was hopeful there was a water fountain on the trail (it's been a while since I ran there). Nope. Instead I started overheating and couldn't keep a gel down. Ran out of water. Walked. Walked more. Saw Nick and D and said hi, stole his Gatorade, walked more. Overall completely miserable run. However, I'm proud I finished it because I had the chance to stop when I ran into Nick, but i kept chugging. Also I know this is a fluke because last week's 20 miler was decent. Next week is the last (very) long run of this cycle and I'm very ready to be done for a while.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Delaware Marathon week 15

M: 6.1 on treadmill
T; 6.2 outside
W: 4.4 on treadmill, 10 min w/u, 3.2 @ 7.6, c/d. Felt hard
T: mild, short HIIT
F: off
Sa: 6.3 including a 21:50 5k! Didn't know I had it in me.
Su: 20.2, 15.5 outside, 4.7 on treadmill because I came home for water and couldn't bear leaving again.

Summary: 43ish.

Let's talk about that 5k. This was a race we've done many times. It's mildly hilly. It has two annoying tight turns. It shouldn't have been that fast, but I ran with my old cross country coach who is fast and he pushed me. It was great!

My legs felt it during my long run. I'm pretty sure I was physically fatigued, not mentally because when I slowed down I was able to keep moving. I got near the house and wanted water.... And never left. I hopped on the treadmill and slogged through the last few miles. I'm proud I finished but it was ugly.

Other excitement? We bought a house! Or rather, we put in an offer and it was accepted. Now for the fun house buying stuff, and readying our place to sell. 5 weeks until the marathon, 6(???) Weeks until we close on the new place!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Delaware Marathon week 14

M: 5.3 treadmill
T: 6.5 outside
W: 4.3 tempoish ( 1 w/u, 3 @ 7.6,  c/d) treadmill
T: mild HIIT
F: 4.6 on treadmill
Sa: 7 miles broken up into 1 mile w/u, 5k in about 23:45 (bleh) then 3 miles with  Tiffany.
Su: off

Summary: this was sort of an unintentional stepback week during the week. Poor naps and appointments made things tricky. I also had planned on a shorter long run on the weekend to get a little break before the final training push. That combined for a really low mileage week- 27 miles. Yikes. I know I've put in a lot of work but that still feels risky. 6 weeks to go!

The 5k that we did was the same as the first race I did following D's birth. It is fun and super close to our house. In contrast to 2 years ago, this time he ran all over, made friends with dogs, stole other kid's toys, and generally had a blast.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Delaware marathon Week 13

M: 4.3 on treadmill because baby
T: 6.3 outside, fartlek-ish
W: 2 on treadmill but then baby monitor crashed. HIIT instead
T: 6.5 outside
F: 3 on treadmill because baby
Sa: 19.1 outside
Su: off!

Summary: 41+, mix of inside and outside. This long run was hard, and I'm not sure why because it wasn't after a particularly hard week. Zero consistency this week. Oh well. 50 days until the marathon!!!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Delware Marathon Week 12

M: 6 on treadmill
T: 6 outside
W: 6.3- "Yasso 800s"- 8x0.5 @ 8.1 (7:24 pace)
T: mild HIIT
F: 5.6 on treadmill
Sa: 18.1 outside
Su: off!

Summary: 42 (whaaaa??!!) with some outside. Good job, me.

8 weeks until the marathon? Crazy. I'm excited to run with Tiffany and be with her when she reaches her goal!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Delaware marathon week 11

Halfway done?! This training is flying by.

M: off
T: 5.3 outside
W: 6.1 inside
F: 4.5 inside, fartleks sorta
Sa: 12.5 on treadmill because it was unpleasant (cold and windy) outside and very pleasant (netflix and snacks) inside.
Su: off!

Summary: I was trying to get back to my previous schedule now that Nick is back to his normal schedule, plus spring 5ks are starting and with them opportunities to work a short race into a long run. Win win!  28 and change for a stepback week.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Delaware marathon week 10

M: 2.5 because baby and because I didn't take a day off last week so I needed a rest
T: 6.4 outside because Nick had the day off
W: 5.8 on treadmill, Yasso 800's, 0.5 @ 8.1, 0.25 recovery. I think I did 7?
T: quick HIIT while babysitting TWO babies. Yikes.
F: 4.3 on treadmill
Sa: 5.6 on treadmill
Su: 17.25 outside with people!

Summary: 41.8 I think? Only long run was outside but it was quality!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Delaware Marathon week 9

M: 6.1 on treadmill because HALLELUJAH THE BABY NAPPED!
T: 6.3 inside because Nick got the day off!
W: 5 miles. Treadmill? I have no memory but I think I ran.
F: 6.3 on treadmill split into many sections because... baby
Sa: 5.3 on treadmill because... baby
Su: 17 outside

Summary: I am so bad with unpredictability. I wanted to do my long run on Saturday but when the weather and D and Nick's work schedule didn't cooperate, I just wedged in a run and then felt bad about how short it was. I attempted the next day while D hung with my parents. Success! The run felt great! I think that brings my total for this week to 46? Oops.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Delaware marathon week 8

M: 4.7 inside
T: 5.1 outside, quarter mile fartleks for miles 2-5.
W: 5.2 outside with stroller and lots of wind.
T: babywearing fitness and a little HIIT
F: 5.3 outside with stroller
Sa: 9 with stroller
Su: rest

Summary: 29, almost all outside.

This week D really stopped napping. He had been toying with it here and there and this week he really committed to it. Yay. The super cool thing about parenthood is that once you have any tiny bit of comfort or routine, things fall apart. Oh, you've got a groove where you exercise, shower, do housework, cook, and generally keep things from going to hell in the house? Cool story, I'm going to ruin that for you, mama.


So. Back to the drawing board with how to fit training into my life. D doesn't love the stroller and it's currently a bit cold for him but in a few weeks that should improve. In the meantime I'll just run as much as possible with him and hope for the best come May!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Delaware marathon week 7

M: 4.6 inside
T: 5.4 inside. Felt unusually hard...
W: 5.2 outside. Still kinda blah.
F: 5 outside, thanks to my mom for proofing like prodding me to go run!
Sa: 14.1 outside. Felt good except for ridiculous stomach upset.
Su: brunch!

Summary: 34ish, some outside. Good job, me.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

2 years.

Sweet boy, you are 2 years old.

Who's crying? I'm not crying.

You are sweetness and energy and joy made into the most beautiful squishy toddler. You are also obstinance and independence and mischief and so many other things. You are becoming such a person.

Your language is taking off! You can demand "tato" chips and milk (mal! Mal!) And ask for a drink (dit). You can say Grandpa (peebah) and Grandma and Kiwi (Didi). When we say "one shoe..." as we put on your shoes, you go "ohh two" and it's the cutest thing that has ever happened. You're amazing. I love that we can communicate with signs and words. You light up when we show we can understand you.

I look at you and I see boundless possibility.  You are so active, will you be an athlete? You love books, will you be a writer? You love cars, will you be a mechanic? I want every door open for you, but I want you to earn your success, too.

Your favorite toys are cars or anything with wheels. Your favorite books are those with cars, too. You love dogs and have a hard time understanding why we don't go visit every dog we encounter on our walks. You don't hate riding in the car nearly as much as you used to, although long trips are still pretty tough. You don't like strangers but you spent some time with your cousins at Christmas and you tolerated them, which was nice.

When I ask for a hug you almost always oblige. When I pick you up from the tub and wrap you in a towel (burrito baby) you relax on my body for a minute and I savor your stillness. We are up at all hours of the night, still nursing so much, and I remind myself that these moments of closeness are fleeting. This part is hard but your smiles and snuggles are so worth it.

Our lives are so full because of you. You are so special, so silly, so sweet, and so loved.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Delaware marathon week 6

M: 5.2 inside
T: 5.2 inside. Fartlek-esque
W: 4.5 inside
T: babywearing fitness class and some HIIT
F: 5 outside, middle 3 at 7:30 pace. Comfortably hard.
Sa: 7 mile trail race plus 4.5 extra miles of picking up trail markers.

Summary: 31ish including 2 outside runs! And tons of trails. I was aiming for 14 long run miles but the trail was hard and I figured I spent a ton of time on my feet. Hey with the week.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Delaware marathon week 5

M: 5 inside
T: 4 outside with my dad! Plus stroller and wind. 
W: 4.7 inside "hills"
T: HIIT and babywearing fitness
F: 5.1 inside
Sa: 13.4 outside with people! Hilly and cold. 
Su: off

Summary: 32ish. Nice mix of terrain and got outside!

I can't believe I'm 25% of the way done with training. I'm very pleased I'm able to do such good long runs this early. My body is feeling good so far. High hopes for a good race with Tiffany in a few months!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Delaware marathon week 4

M: 3.3 outside with Tiffany
T: 3.2 inside (until D got bored and I had to stop)
W: 4.6 inside before nap ended abruptly
T: 5.6 inside, start at 6.5 to 8.2 until 23:20 then slowed down until D woke up
F: 3.7 inside
Sa: 11! Outside! Woo!
Su: rest

Summary: 30.8, inside and outside. This week's theme was runs that were cut short during naptime. No fun, but I got it done. The long run was good, hooray. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Delaware Marathon week 3

M: 4.6 inside
T: 3.1 inside
W: light workout at my parents
T: so sick. 
F: still not great. 
Sa: bleh.
Su: 5.1 inside

Summary: D was sick the beginning of the week, Nick was out of town, then I got struck down on Wednesday night. It was awful. 12 miles for the week.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Delaware marathon week 2

M: 4.5 inside
T: 5.2 inside, "hills"
W: 5.2 inside, 6.5-8.2 @ 2% increased every minute, stayed at 8.2 until 20 min, slowed down.
T: babywearing fitness (basically rest day)
F: 5.5 inside
Sa: 4 inside
Su: 8.3 inside

Summary: snow forced me inside for my weekend runs. Boo. 33ish miles including a tempo and some "hills" though. So that's good..

I swear I'll be back soon with baby updates.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Delaware Marathon Week 1

M: 4.5 outside with last 0.5 fast
T: 4.25 inside @ 6.8 / 4.0
W: 5.some inside @ 6.7 / 3.0
T: rest
F: 5.5 outside! Windy and cold, flat
Sa: 2.8ish with my training partner outside!
Su: 7.25 inside

Summary: 29ish, mix of inside and outside


I am alive and running.

I have a really, really cute kid who is about to turn 2 (holy cow).
[Imagine there's a cute picture of a chubby blond toddler here.]

I'm training for a marathon, this was training week 1.

Obviously I have a lot to catch up on. I hope to be better about blogging this year, and to track my marathon training (I get to run with my friend Tiffany in her first marathon! Yay!). I'll be back.