Tuesday, May 10, 2016

We've known you for 15 months!

I want to keep doing these updates because although lots of blogs seem to stop at 12 months, so much is still happening with you!

You are turning into such a little person. You are constantly moving and constantly getting into things. I understand the need for baby proofing a little more each day.

You have 12 teeth! The front 4 on top and bottom, plus 4 molars. The molars aren't all quite through yet, but they already look like big icebergs in your wee mouth. You love getting raspberries on your belly and when you throw your head back to laugh I can see those bright new teeth.

Your laugh... my sweet baby, it is so special. You squeal and squirm and cackle. It's loud and probably annoying to strangers but it's music to us.  You love being chased and if we give even a hint that we're going to chase you, you giggle. Love.

You don't walk consistently, but occasionally you take a string of steps across a room, so we know you're very capable. You prefer to use your push toy (walk-walk). Pushing that up the driveway to the street to watch cars has consumed many an afternoon. You still crawl like lightning and climb everything. With a little help you can get on all the furniture, which is worrisome. When you aren't confident enough to get down off something you make a hilarious "eh! Eh!" to get us to help you.

You know signs for more and again, and have your own sign for Kiwi. You drink water like a champ but still don't love eating. There are times when you surprise us and eat and eat but mostly you pick. You still nurse allllll the time. I have days when that is wonderful and days when I wish you'd just eat more solids already, but on the whole I love giving you comfort and nutrition so easily.

I never want you to stop nursing but I do want a moment to myself. The way you love and need me is flattering and exhausting. You are warming up to dad ("dat") but still get lonely for me. When I return from a long time away from you, like when I brush my teeth for 2 minutes, your face lights up briefly before you cry.

Things I never want to forget; the sweet way you purse your lips to have me put ChapStick on them every night (because you watched me do it and wanted it too), your silly "oooeeeooo" vowel sounds, how sweetly you'll sit and look at books, the look of anticipation when you're walking away and want to be chased, your smile of delight when you pet Kiwi, your calm snores after you've nursed to sleep and I'm still holding your ever-longer body in my arms. I want to memorize the click of your tongue after you've unlatched but are still sleepy nursing, the way you lean in when I ask for a kiss, and the way you sometimes thrash your way into my neck and burrow to sleep in the middle of the night.

Every day gets a tiny bit easier. You are so fun, so mischievous, and so sweet. You try my nerves but make me so happy.