Monday, July 11, 2016

We've known you for 18 months!

One and a half years. Years. Plural. Yikes.

I am writing this in bed next to you, because you still sleep snuggled in my armpit.

You have this big cheesy smile that just slays me. It takes up your whole face and it is amazing.

You are the best! You love to mimic us, whether it's using the nail clippers or cleaning up a spill, you're right there, being a big helper! It is amazing how quickly you learn. Related, you want to eat or drink everything we are eating. Ice cream and beer have to be consumed in secret.

You are always climbing. Whether something is meant for climbing or not, you try to scale it. Restaurants are for running circles in. Cars (parked) are jungle gyms. You are always exploring. 

Food is hit or miss. You'll be super interested in dinner and sign "eat" a million times but then have 2 beans and call it. You are 75th percentile for height and weight so I'm not worried (breastmilk ftw!) but, sweet baby, food is good too.

You have two chins and big strong legs and the cutest butt and the softest cheeks and the sweetest belly. You lean in for a hug and just rest sometimes. Sometimes. Other times you keep right on going going going.

You adore animals, especially dogs. You are pretty gentle with them, but you've been spoiled by Kiwi's unending patience. You love videos on the internet of dogs. They make you giggle. We live to make you giggle.

Still no words here, but that does not mean you are quiet! You babble and screech. You have signs for hat, more/again, milk, sleep, butterfly, car, cow (maybe?), fan, baby, potty, eat, drink and are learning new signs all the time. It's so important that you can communicate your needs even if you can't speak yet.

Taking care of you has been the greatest challenge of my life. Getting to love you has been my greatest joy. You are my little buddy, my sweet baby, my favorite person. You test me. You make me more patient, more stressed, more full of happiness than I ever thought possible.