Sunday, March 20, 2016

Alexandria half week 3

This week was designed sort of as a step back week. Instead of a long run, Hal wanted a 5k race, so the workouts were scaled accordingly. I needed this! My legs are already starting to fatigue a bit from the increased volume. I'm also randomly getting unbelievably hungry. We had pasta for dinner one night and I found myself chasing it with pistachios and black beans. Not together. I didn't do a total step back but did cool it on the long run so the weekly total didn't increase.

3 miles with my dad! Nice to have a buddy. He's training for a duathlon in a couple months!

Holy hills with the stroller. The plan said 7 this time, so I did the same hill as in week 1, but this time with tired legs. I was struggling by the end but did all 7 repeats.

Nick came home early so I got 3+ solo miles. It was hot but glorious and I cruised at 8 min pace comfortably sans stroller.

As part of the step back week, 30 minutes tempo was on the schedule. Since I had Nick home again and I'm not racing this weekend, I did 40 minutes on the treadmill instead. Why the treadmill? I've normally thought of tempos as xx minutes at a "fast" pace, but Hal actually calls for a warm-up, gradual increase to fast, hold a bit and cool down. I wanted to try that in the controlled environment of the treadmill. I did 7 minutes warm up at 6.4, increased slowly to 8.1, held and cooled down. It was hard but not as impossible as the tempos I've been attempting. 5.75 miles done.

3.5 miles on a slightly different trail with Nick. I'm getting spoiled by all these running buddies.

Rest day. Went hiking with the family.
Nick again! We went to a trail and set out for a while. Nick hasn't been able to do a long run yet between illness and work, so we sort of eased into it with an hour long run, 7 miles total. Fit into the step back week theme perfectly and so nice to have someone to take the stroller half the time.

Week total:  26.8 miles

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