Thursday, March 10, 2016

Alexandria half week 1

One week down, 11 to go! That countdown might depress some but every workout feels like a victory right now and I'm scared of the actual race so I'm a little glad it's still over 2 months away.

3 miles? Thanks, Hal Higdon, for starting things off easy. Did 3 miles around Solomons with the stroller.

Hills? With stroller? That sounds like a terrible idea. It was also about 75 degrees this day, so that didn't help. I did 6 hill repeats by my house and it was ridiculous.

3 miles again! Knocked these out by my house.

Tempo run with stroller? Again, what was I thinking trying to do this? Things started off ok, with a nice warm-up then started the tempo. I did about 15 minutes at what I hoped was my tempo pace (7:30ish) but was waaay hard. I then rode (ran?) the strugglebus, alternating tempo effort with slower stuff to reach my 40 minute goal. Rough.

Rest! I actually had a not very busy day and thought I'd want to run but after 5 days in a row I was ready for a day off. Walked Kiwi and that was sufficient.

3 miles done by the house.

The nice (?) thing about running with a baby is that it's not about me. My 90 minute first long run of this cycle was daunting for baby endurance reasons. I didn't really think about myself except to get pretty excited by cake on Saturday because of its carb-loading properties (actual dinner on Saturday was 2 pieces of cake, one cupcake, and a piece of cheesecake. Yum). How would D do? How long could he hang in there?

I brought my whole arsenal- Apple, carrots, Cheerios, veggie straws, and many toys. He played with this silly little remote for the first 30 minutes of the run! Then I rotated various foods and he started relatively happy. He is a wonderful distraction, if I look down through the stroller window and get his attention I get a big smile. He's the best. I ended up stopping me for me than for him at 9 miles/80 minutes. I felt tired and hungry but overall not terrible at all, which surprised me.

Week total: 26.5ish miles. Yay!

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