Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hey, remember running?

I really do run! Let's talk about it. A friend of mine encouraged me to join a "run the year" group. Talk about commitment- the goal is to run 2016 miles this year. I'm fudging it a bit by including my walking miles because I cover a lot of ground with D. To run 2016 miles, you have to average 5.5 a day, or about 6.4 with a rest day. That has proven challenging so far. I'm at 99 miles as of today, for an average of 4.5, but there's still tons of time to catch up, especially with half or full marathon training later this year.

I've been trying to mix up my runs to be more well rounded  (aka so I don't die on hills). Since I often only have 15 or 20 minutes to run while D plays independently, I try and make the most of those minutes. I've been doing intervals and hills on the treadmill. It's fun to challenge myself on the treadmill and feel like I'm increasing my fitness, and it also makes the treadmill less boring. Win win!

It's hard to stay motivated when I don't have a training plan or any races in sight- the next 5k for our running club's Grand Prix isn't until April- so the mileage goal keeps me running. Once I get back to more structured training I will post more!

Bonus picture of me and D post walk just because he's crazy cute.

Friday, January 1, 2016

We've known you for 11 months!

I'm late. And only posting one picture. Life is hard.

D is for Danger Baby. This month you turned into quite the little adventurer! You learned to climb the stairs and descend them as well. Not so confident on the descent, but you charge into it with lots of enthusiasm. Walking is imminent, and your favorite pastime is opening and closing cabinets.

You are full of noises, including an ear piercing shriek that really gets our attention. I could do without that, but along with the shriek you're getting other little "talking" noises, which is amazing. I'll take all the sounds as you find your little voice.

The theme of your life continues to be intensity. You seem to get intensely tired, sad, angry, happy. You kick your legs with joy and your whole face lights up when you smile. When you're focused on something even your toes get in on the focusing action. Cutest toes ever. When you know you're being cute or doing something you're not supposed to (like overturning Kiwi's water dish one hundred times a day), you get the funniest little smirk, like "come on parents, be mad at this adorableness." When we say "no" you shake your head and smile. Sweet little devil.

You learned to share food with us which has to be my favorite parenting moment, ever. I cry a little every time you do it. This parenting thing is tough, but moments like that make it all so worth it. You get joy from giving your food to us, how cool is that?

Sleep is still not easy. Not at all. I wonder if you'd be happier if you slept better. I worry you're chronically tired and grumpy.

Every day feels like a new discovery with you. Watching you find your shadow and play with it, joyfully chow down on broccoli, take tentative steps, give hugs (!!!!), and generally turn into a real live person instead of a very cute potato is just the best thing ever. How lucky we are to watch you grow and learn.