Friday, December 11, 2015

We've known you for 10 months!

One day this month, you were slowly waking up in the morning. I was trying to cajole you out of bed by making little nom nom sounds on your hands and you gave me these sweet sleepy little smiles while still staying cuddled close. That is such a rare moment of stillness and sweetness with you. Your spirit and independence are really starting to shine.

You were on the move so much this month. You started to cruise along any vertical surface, and you found stairs (ahhh!), the toilet (ahh again!!), Kiwi's water dish, and basically every other dangerous nook and cranny in the house. You got your first real injury when you closed your finger in the bathroom cabinet. Ouch! Your sad little cries were so heartbreaking but you got over it quickly and healed like a champ. You also have gotten good at high fives and making actual clapping sounds (vs. Just hitting your hands together). You are a baby of many talents.

This was your first Thanksgiving! We had our first quiet family dinner at home. You got to eat carrot soup, lentil stuffing, mashed potatoes, and bread. You really were only into the bread but you tasted all of it! We went out for Indian with my parents the next day for our non traditional extended family celebration. Once again, the bread, this time naan, was a big hit. Yummy carbs.

We went on our first family flight this month. We went to see your great grandma in Idaho. I was very, very nervous leading up to the trip. I'll write more about it because it was an adventure deserving its own post.

You're still not a huge eater, but you some things hold your interest- avocado, apple, bread. You have 4.5 teeth and have started to really bite things with them. It is inexplicably adorable to hear you crunching away on food. Everything you do is cute.

Little man, you light up when you see me and crawl right to Daddy when he gets home. You make us both feel so loved, and I hope we always can do the same for you.

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