Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Howlin 5K and CAASA Step by Step 5K 2015 Race Recaps

On Halloween, D, Nick and I headed out to run our first race as a family. Up until this point, D's always stayed with one of my parents while we ran, but he was going to hang in the stroller this time. Lucky guy.

Official time was 21:40- 6:46, 6:52, 7:07 (ugh).

We ran another 5K in the rain the following week. This time, Nick's family joined us, which was awesome. D rode with Nick again and I tried to keep up with my high school coach for the whole race.

This time- 21:22 and I beat my coach!

These are the last races we'll be able to run this year due to travel. I'm so, so proud of myself for all the improvements I've made this season, even if they were mostly just because of time elapsed since giving birth, losing baby weight, and getting some miles in, versus real quality training. Could I be faster? This year has me excited to see what else I've got in me. 2016 was supposed to be the year of my return to marathons, but maybe I'll give 5ks another shot? To be determined.

We've known you for 9 months!

Dearest baby, you are so cool.
You clap (inconsistently), you wave (sorta), you cruise (when the thing you're cruising to is mom or dad).

You love apples, cucumbers, peas, avocado. 

This month was your first Halloween. Now, nighttime and socializing are not your favorite things, so we kept it low key. We went to a party the weekend prior and you hung out with some baby friends. You and dad were matching little Navy guys. My heart grew two sizes seeing you both in uniforms.

You're adjusting to riding in the stroller (you rode in the stroller while Daddy ran in 2 5K's this month!), and even riding in the car is not impossible anymore, given the right timing.

You are learning to love Kiwi, much to her dismay. We are teaching you "gentle pets" which is like trying to teach Kiwi to do calculus. You love grabbing things, including fur, so we have to be very careful when you're around her.

Your first time trying Ethiopian food. You enjoyed mesir wat. That's my boy.

I have so much to say, but no time to type because you are busy, busy, busy. You can climb stairs! Open cupboards and drawers! Ahh!

Although the days with you are get easier, the nights are not. You are challenging to get settled. I hope it's not because you're in pain or discomfort, but it's so hard to tell. Life would be 110% happy and joyful if you would sleep better. Right now we're at about 95%.

Keep growing, keep learning, keep making us laugh. You are the best thing we've ever done.