Monday, October 19, 2015

Dreaming big

Subtitle: in which my blog title becomes relevant again.

Nick ran a 10 miler the other week. He crushed it, running sub-8 minute miles on a beautiful, sunny, cool morning. I volunteered, helping with some race setup and finish line logistics, but mostly I just thought about how much I wanted to be racing. The Year of 5Ks (tm) has been wildly successful, and exactly what I needed when taking care of a wee baby, but I miss running long. I want to take my current short distance speed, add endurance, and get my damn BQ in 2016. Damnit.

I have a very tentative plan to accomplish this: train hard for a fast half (tentatively the Alexandria half) in the late spring, assess my capabilities, then train for a late fall marathon (VERY tentatively Rehoboth marathon). This is all dependent on D of course. He still can't really be away from me for more than an hour without freaking out. However, he is getting more chill in the jogging stroller, so it's possible for me to run 3-5 miles most days. This means I can do everything but the long run with him in tow. Hopefully by spring, he can spend 1-2 hours away from me on the weekends.

In 2013, BQ seemed like a crazy unachievable dream. It still seems far off, but I am determined. This year of racing faster has also taught me about caring for my body. I have enjoyed running and "training" because I'm fueling myself better. That fuel might often consist of like 6 granola bars a day, because who has time for forks when baby is PULLING HIMSELF UP who gave you permission to do that!?!?, but I'm not asking my muscles to run on empty. I'm eating a ton because keeping my supply up for D has always been a priority, and as a side benefit, I've been running well. I'm also taking more days off from running and I weigh a bit more than I did the last time I was training. I'm in a way better place. I need to remember how good it feels to eat enough so i can get some fast times next year.