Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We've known you for 8 months!

Usually I start writing these posts as soon as I finish the previous one, but this month that didn't happen. We've been busy!

You really began to move this month. You began scooting by pulling yourself with one arm, then doing The Worm to move forward, then sort of an all-fours movement, but still not textbook crawling. Whatever, you are moving around no problem! It is great and awful. I used to put you on your playmat and make breakfast, checking in on you every couple minutes. Now, if more than 30 seconds has passed since I looked at you, you're somewhere else entirely. Most likely trying to eat an electrical cord. Baby proofing. Yeah. You've also started to pull yourself up, with a little help. You'll crawl over and try and climb up my body, usually while whining. It is adorable and makes me feel very loved.

You met more family members this month! We traveled to New Jersey to see Nick's family and you met your aunt, uncle, and 2 more cousins. It wasn't the most relaxing visit, but everyone loved seeing you, you just didn't love all the attention.

Eating is going so much better! You have really taken to it. You aren't necessarily eating a large quantity, but you sure are moving some food around. You love potatoes, broccoli, green beans, and bread. You're also addicted to baby puffs and would eat them for an hour if we let you.

This was a month of activities! You had swim lessons, which you mostly dislike, music class, which you also dislike, and storytime, which, surprise, you barely tolerate. I really needed to leave the house, but all these things are a little much for you. We'll keep trying music and storytime, and maybe return to swim lessons in a few months.

This month we really settled into a nice routine as far as naps and awake time. As long as we stick to that, we can do most things, but once you begin you get tired, bedtime had better happen. It's hard being adorable for an extended period of time. I totally understand.

I wish I could bottle you up, Little Man. You are so active, inquisitive, and fun. Your soft little body relaxing into mine is a rare feeling these days, you are always on the go. It is so easy to get lost in the day to day survival and miss out on the wonder that is you- you growing and learning and becoming your own little person a little more each day. I try to take a step back more often and record the perfect soft squish of your cheeks, the dimples on your knuckles, the warmth of your belly and the little "ooo" sound you make when something intrigues you in my memory. These days are slipping by and I want to hold you like this forever. You are so loved.

(Where are the pictures? In a land where my phone and the computer don't both malfunction in the same week. I'll be back with more)

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