Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We've known you for 8 months!

Usually I start writing these posts as soon as I finish the previous one, but this month that didn't happen. We've been busy!

You really began to move this month. You began scooting by pulling yourself with one arm, then doing The Worm to move forward, then sort of an all-fours movement, but still not textbook crawling. Whatever, you are moving around no problem! It is great and awful. I used to put you on your playmat and make breakfast, checking in on you every couple minutes. Now, if more than 30 seconds has passed since I looked at you, you're somewhere else entirely. Most likely trying to eat an electrical cord. Baby proofing. Yeah. You've also started to pull yourself up, with a little help. You'll crawl over and try and climb up my body, usually while whining. It is adorable and makes me feel very loved.

You met more family members this month! We traveled to New Jersey to see Nick's family and you met your aunt, uncle, and 2 more cousins. It wasn't the most relaxing visit, but everyone loved seeing you, you just didn't love all the attention.

Eating is going so much better! You have really taken to it. You aren't necessarily eating a large quantity, but you sure are moving some food around. You love potatoes, broccoli, green beans, and bread. You're also addicted to baby puffs and would eat them for an hour if we let you.

This was a month of activities! You had swim lessons, which you mostly dislike, music class, which you also dislike, and storytime, which, surprise, you barely tolerate. I really needed to leave the house, but all these things are a little much for you. We'll keep trying music and storytime, and maybe return to swim lessons in a few months.

This month we really settled into a nice routine as far as naps and awake time. As long as we stick to that, we can do most things, but once you begin you get tired, bedtime had better happen. It's hard being adorable for an extended period of time. I totally understand.

I wish I could bottle you up, Little Man. You are so active, inquisitive, and fun. Your soft little body relaxing into mine is a rare feeling these days, you are always on the go. It is so easy to get lost in the day to day survival and miss out on the wonder that is you- you growing and learning and becoming your own little person a little more each day. I try to take a step back more often and record the perfect soft squish of your cheeks, the dimples on your knuckles, the warmth of your belly and the little "ooo" sound you make when something intrigues you in my memory. These days are slipping by and I want to hold you like this forever. You are so loved.

(Where are the pictures? In a land where my phone and the computer don't both malfunction in the same week. I'll be back with more)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2015 Chaptico Classic 5K & Pet Day 5K Race Reports

Two, two, two reports in one.

We ran the next 5K event in the Grand Prix a couple weekends ago. It was one of the area's "big" races with about 350 participants. It takes place in a really pretty, farm-y area near our house. The 5K course is an out-and-back. This sounded like no big deal when I looked at the course map, but UGH it's disheartening to just run a long straight stretch.

Nick ran with me again, yay! We started out FAST. 7:05. I saw that tick by and was instantly worried. I was ahead of my high school cross country coach, who is historically faster than me. I think that may have contributed to the pace dropoff in the second part of the race. Or I was just grumpy that we'd run 1.5 miles out and now needed to run back. Grump.

Next 2 splits were both 7:25, plus 6:35 for the nubbin. I really could not dig deep and find anything in the last mile, I was doneskies. Lackluster run time was 22.50, which was good for 1st place in age group for me. I think I was third woman? When I asked my high school cross country coach why there weren't many fast women around, he said he wasn't sure. Um, the proper response is "Laurel, you're plenty fast! Go you!" Way to stroke my ego.

Why does my darling husband always look so fresh and strong and I look like I'm dying?

Two weeks later, we ran the Pet Day 5K. Dogs! Dogs, everywhere! This race was a bit of a mess from the start. There was quite a line for packet pickup (there are only 100 participants, why so much line?) and when we got to the front, we weren't registered. I still haven't determined whether it was my mistake or theirs, but either way I ended up running back to the car, getting the checkbook, and running back to write them a check. The whole time I was grumbling "I need to pee and feed my baby with my body you selfish people where are your priorities"  because I'm a super nice person when I feel pressed for time. Did I mention D had a huge butt explosion on the way there, too? And I was getting to see one of my best friends from high school for like 45 minutes at this race? I HAVE THINGS TO DO I AM IMPORTANT. 

Anyway. Things got settled and we lined up at the start. By "we," I mean, me, Nick, and the baby attached to me. The feeding was the last thing to be accomplished and was done at the last minute. D might argue that it wasn't done at all since I unceremoniously popped him off so I could go run. Poor baby always gets the short end of the boob. The race started super well... we passed a walker in the first 10 meters. Walker, you're doing it very wrong. 

First mile ticked off in 6:47. Say whaaaa? I was pretty sure that was bad news, but you can't unrun a mile, so we kept on trucking. Nick was with me again, he's the best. I didn't even check my times for the next 2 miles (7:14, 7:18, 6:56 for the nubbin) because I was very focused on not dying. It was a hard run for me, and somewhere around 2.4 miles I just gave up. I was well ahead of all the other women and my (oxygen deprived) calculations determined that I was NOT going to PR (pre-pregnancy PR is 22:24). I said screw it and stopped trying. But Nick wouldn't have it and he encouraged me really well. We finished strong(ish) and I was amazed/confused to see 22:00 on the clock. Say whaaaa? (again). But mile 2 brain said I was going to finish in 23 minutes! Next thought (really) "ugh, a new PR?! I have to try hard at every race now!" 

I got first woman, Nick was 2nd in his age group, it rained, D freaked out (early wakeup + time without mom and dad = grouchy baby). I got to visit with my friend (HI MEGAN!) for a bit, collect a super cute medal, and head home.

22 minutes? I guess I need a new goal? Yikes. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

We've known you for 7 months!

This month had so many firsts! You got to see your new pediatrician for the first time. He held you and flew you around while making airplane noises. That warmed my heart! I think we'll stick with this one (finding a doc for you has been an adventure... I might write about it someday). The doctor gave you clearance to start complementary foods a.k.a "solids." You have eaten a ton of foods. I lost track because you pretty much like everything we give you, which is super fun.

You don't particularly like your high chair, so eating is challenging especially once you tire of being in the chair. We tried to get you to love eating but after the first week it became apparent you are not a fan just yet, plus your tongue thrust reflex is still quite strong, so we took some time off. When we tried again a few weeks later you were way more into eating. Hooray!

 You're very funny with random bits of food, like a lemon slice I gave you at Panera. That was awesome and you happily chowed down on it for several minutes, devouring the flesh. You didn't even do the cute wincing thing the Internet would have you believe all babies do when tasting lemon. You also enjoy nomming on carrots. It soothes your teething pain.

Speaking of teething... yikes. That's been a real challenge. Midway through the month, we started noticing some firmness behind your lower gums. Teeth! Long-awaited teeth! By the end of the month you had one tooth all the way through and another one most of the way through. So cute, but so painful. Your nighttime sleep has been particularly bad because of the teeth.

You also got clearance for riding in the jogging stroller. I was so excited about this! It means more runs for me, more outside time for both of us (the Ergo is toasty unless it's before 10am, and other wraps aren't sturdy enough for long walks), and just more freedom. Well, you weren't having it. I tried to take you at naptime and it was an epic failure. At my mom's suggestion, I tried shorter runs, close to home. I also timed them to start just when you've woken from a nap. Success! We worked our way up to 3 miles at a time. It's not particularly exciting to run the same mile loop behind the house, but it's working for us for now until I get brave enough to venture farther. 

You have grown to love the water! You love bathtime in the sink and you also went to the pool for the first time. It was really fun. You didn't quite know what to do, but you enjoyed sitting on my lap in the infant pool and splashing around. You're just the cutest baby ever. You have gone to 2 swim lessons so far. The first one was pretty fun, the second was... Not so much. Getting your head wet is not always your favorite.

You had professional photos taken for your 6 month "birthday" plus I had photos taken to capture our breastfeeding relationship- August was Breastfeeding Month, apparently. The pictures came out amazing. You were not super happy at either shoot, but they got some really good shots and captured your silly personality. 
Can you even? I cannot.

You are the reason they make tag toys for babies. On any toy, you will play with it in the normal way, but once you find the tags it's game over. You will gently chew/suck on them. You do the same with my phone if you get the chance, you are obsessed. 

I hope no one else is running for mom of the year, because here I go... This month, I started to like staying home with you. It took 7 months, but you are now mostly a joy to spend the day with. Watching you learn is incredibly rewarding, and everyday you change a little. It's amazing to watch and I feel so lucky I get to spend so much time with you.