Monday, August 10, 2015

We've known you for 6 months!

Happy half birthday, baby D!!!

Eating your activity center.

Eating my glasses.

Could you be any cuter? I attest that you could not. Remember when you were this wee little guy? 

I'm not crying. Who's crying? Definitely not me.

This month, you started laughing slightly more. We still have to work hard to get a laugh out of you. You like when we say the word "toot," which we say a lot because your gas is a big subject of discussion around here. Parenthood is like that. You also like your neck rolls nommed on and raspberries on your belly. Funny noises can easily get a smile out of you, but a laugh is something that requires a bit of effort. You're also rolling over from back to tummy now all the time! Then you scoot backward. Crawling is so frighteningly close. Plus, you're sitting up, mostly! And you found your feet! This month has been huge for development.

You also decided that Kiwi is the coolest. You want to pet her and be in her life at all times. It's precious, although Kiwi would probably beg to differ. 

You stayed on antacid meds this month and wow, you are different. You seem overall happier, and you very rarely have "unsoothable" periods. That is huge. It's such an improvement that we've even ventured out to restaurants a couple times. Then we're quickly reminded why we don't go to restaurants. You're not a fan. Maybe someday... 

You are still a voracious eater. I'll do another post about breastfeeding thoughts later, but in summary, we won't be stopping anytime soon. You'll start solids once we get the go ahead from your pediatrician this week.
You still have zero teeth! Everyone we've ever met says "teething, eh?" when they observe your grumpiness and penchant for finger chewing. If that is the case, these teeth have been emerging since you were about 6 weeks old. You're just drooly and like to chew things. Everyone needs a hobby.

Baby D,  I have spent a lot of your life willing you to grow up, to grow out of whatever stage you're in because maybe things will get easier for us if you just got a bit older. This month, as you got a little brighter and laughed a little more, I starting wanting time to slow way, way down. You are a sweet, intense, loving little guy and I want you to stay this wee and precious forever. I can't believe half a year has passed since you entered our lives. It is a blur of smiles and tears. You have challenged us so much, and we love you for it.

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