Monday, July 6, 2015

Right in the moouth

As I was browsing pictures the other day, I realized we have a ton of D with things in his mouth. That's his current favorite thing to do- grab anything and put it directly in his mouth. Everyone assumes he's teething but teeth are nowhere to be seen. He's just being a baby. Here's a sampling.

Daddy's fingers and a toy?! Bliss.

Moose antler: making car rides possible since 2015.

The ice cream container. He calls the shots around here, and he wanted this. 

Lovingly licking the phone I put next to him in the wrap. 

Hands in mouth. Classic. 

Double fisting!

Gnawing the bejeezus out of a toy. His bite is HARD and when he gets a finger it can be intense, but so adorable. 

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