Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Miracle Mile

One part of our running club's grand Prix is running a timed mile at one of the summer track meets. They hold them weekly and it's a really good time. it's fun to see people of all ages and abilities competing in a relaxed atmosphere.

We attended the first meet and I was so nervous. Run a single timed mile? Yeah, ok, that's something I haven't done in 13 years. Nick and I warmed up then hung out and watched the little kid events. I wasn't sure which mile heat I should sign up for. They were split into < or > 7:30, and the fast heat had some really fast people, like local high school kids who run sub-5:00. I went with the fast folks in hopes I wouldn't look super silly.

Who's got 2 thumbs and is in denial about her ability to wear pre-pregnancy shorts? Yeah. 

I ended up running a 6:42! Yay me. The best part was running almost the whole race with the same guy, and kicking it to the end with him. The fast finish and chance to "race" was great.

This is me and my racing friend. Posting even though my pelvis is eating my shorts because this photo shows how fun it was to race this guy. Also, so in sync! So heel strike-y!

I had hoped to go to another one of the meets and race again (see: above photo. I was clearly not in a pain place... I wanted to race again and get to that place), but D wasn't having it. He gets grouchy at that time of day and the stimulating environment, muggy weather, and bright setting sun were not ideal for a baby. Next summer he'll be able to participate in the kid races so hopefully we'll get to go more.

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