Friday, July 31, 2015

I barely recognize myself

Since becoming a mom (when will that no longer be weird to say?) I've made some life changes. My core personality has been rocked in many ways. Here are some of the trivial ones.

- I care what time things open
10am on a weekend? Come on. What am I supposed to do when I'm up at 6 and want coffee or breakfast? I called the pharmacy at 8am the other day and was irritated that they weren't open. Get on my level, businesses. 

- Dancing in public is a thing I do now
Silly voices, sick dance moves, vigorous swaying. I'll do it all if it'll calm or entertain D. I no longer have shame.

-nursing in public? No big deal.
Speaking of no shame, I care a lot about breastfeeding and its normalization. I basically just feed D wherever and whenever. He doesn't eat on any sort of schedule, so while I don't plan on whipping out the boob in every store we go to, sometimes it just happens that way. I'm oddly not self conscious about it. Baby eats when he needs it. 

- I can fall asleep in 0.2 seconds
I used to lay in bed and toss and turn for hours. Not anymore! My nights are a blur of being in and out of bed, nursing and bouncing on the ball. I barely wake up all the way before I get back to sleep. In some ways, being overtired is preferable to insomnia, but then the other night I got off the ball and couldn't figure out where I was. Seriously. Lost in my own bedroom. That was weird. I'm so tired.

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