Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Blog talk

Let's get meta up in here. Blogging about blogging.

It's been quiet around here. I have ideas, but they all seem really mundane. I mean, I stare at the same (amazing, adorable) face all day, every day, I feel like I'm boring to the outside world. But I'm not boring to myself! My life is super interesting. To me. And hopefully Nick.

Blogging is weird. I started this blog to chronicle training for my first full marathon in 2011. It has been with me through 4 marathons, an engagement, a marriage, and a baby. This blog is my longest relationship. That's not a depressing thought at all.

It's a little sad that the most-searched phrase that leads people to this blog is "baby turkeys." I once posted a picture of baby turkeys. Apparently the internet loves that. Baby turkeys baby turkeys baby turkeys. #pageviews.

This totally flows, I swear. 

Other search terms? "Flo Rida biatch" and "happy birthday job." People are weird. Or maybe I'm weird because, well, those searches are leading them here.
Blog stats are like a focus group about your blog. 

I'm going to keep blogging when I feel inspired, but it'll definitely continue to be sporadic. I mean, I can try to type 500 words every day about my treadmill run, but... no one wants to read that. Instead, I'll pop in when something important happens, like D turning a month older. Those updates will still happen, as will infrequent race reports. Don't miss me too much. 

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