Tuesday, June 9, 2015

We've known you for 4 months!

You are crazy cute baby, D.

You have the most perfect round cheeks and chunky, chunky thighs. 

This month was about your digestive tract, putting things in your mouth, squawking, and the elusive back-to-tummy rollover. You'd roll onto your side almost immediately after being put on your back. And then you'd stay there. So comfy, why move?

I'll just be here, trying to fit both thumbs in my mouth simultaneously.

You are a big kid. Almost 16 lbs at your 3 month checkup. That puts you in the 90th percentile for weight, but you're only in the 25th for height. Short, chubby perfection. You have been trying to put those legs to use, too. Your favorite position is standing up, supported by one of us. It's pretty tiring on the adult's arms, but it makes you happy. You are growing into such a strong little guy. You're not a huge fan of sitting, but you'll try for a little while.  You are definitely developing core muscles because if you're tilted slightly back, you can pull your upper body upright. It's amazing!

Must I be naked on the Internet again, Mom? (from 3 month checkup) 

Wee air traffic controller.

You went to your first pro sports game this month. We went to a Saturday afternoon O's game with some work people. It was... not good. You're pretty sensitive and the atmosphere was overwhelming. We stayed for a few minutes, checked out the nursing room (not pretty, but it gets you onto the Club Level in the A/C and from there you pretty much have it made). It was a really hard day. but we tried. 

You also got to meet one of my aunts! She loves you. She also shared the wisdom that her daughter was very fussy for the first 3-4 months and now she's a 'lovely woman" so there's hope for you yet! 

So gorgeous.

Double fisting like a baws.

Likes: walking around the house, dancing, being sung to, things that jingle, gnawing on our fingers, riding the "elevator" (our legs)
Dislikes: the car (forever the car), being left on your back alone, too much tummy time, being stationary

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