Monday, May 11, 2015

We've known you for 3 months!

This month continued to be a challenging one for us. So much intensity in your tiny body. Intense cries, intense smiles. You started smiling at strangers, which is cute. And worrisome. Don't run off with a stranger, D. 
Whatever, mom. I've got this.

Sleep smiling
Sleeping on me at a wine festival. Get used to it, kiddo

You practically own that chair.

Crappy picture, perfect face.

You are so bright eyed and inquisitive. You grab our shirts and pinch us now, which is... cool? It is so neat to see you develop new skills every day! You also hold onto us like a little monkey, wrapping your short little arms around our shoulders. You become more of a little person all the time. 

You grew into your "3-6" month clothing this month, meaning you've outgrown 2 sets of clothing in 3 months. That is nuts. You're round enough that some of the new stuff doesn't quite fit! That's my boy. I love each and every one of your chins and your sweet round belly. 

Your quest for your thumb continues! You still find your hand randomly, and now you put it up to your face. I am rooting for you to find your thumb so maybe you'll get a little self-soothing action happening.  
One time, you slept in the car. It was such a big deal, it required a picture.
One time, you slept in the swing (I know he's not strapped in. He was fine.) This was also such a big deal it required a picture. You are able to nap when not in direct contact with my body!

Sitting up like a little man!

Grasping your toys. You're basically an adult already.

You got to meet your other Grandma this month. She loves you so much! You were remarkably relaxed the whole time she was here. That was awesome so you two could have a nice visit.

We tried to go on our first road trip this month. Nick has another week of parental leave and he took it this week so we could spend time together as our new little family. The road trip was... not successful. You just hate the car so much. I hope you grow out of that soon, or we can find a way to make you more comfortable. It's hard not being able to go places further than 40 minutes away.

The days are becoming more and more fun with you as you become more interactive. You like some of my songs, you do not like others. You also like just being carried around the house as I narrate my day for you, which is good, because mommy's staying home with you. Am I going to be able to stimulate you enough, but not too much? Get you out of the house to be social (only if this car hatred lessens some...)? Help you grow to your full potential? I worry. I want to be enough for you.

I mentioned earlier this month that things are hard, and they are. But those moments when you are heavy and relaxed against my body, or when you smile big and bright during your morning diaper change (sometimes at 6 am. Why won't you sleep in, sweet boy?) make my heart overflow with happiness. You are such a wonderful part of our lives.

Likes: your thumb, parental dancing, being carried
Dislikes: the car, tummy issues, being cold after taking a bath

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