Friday, May 22, 2015

Staying sane as a SAHM

I'm still pretty new to this, but in order to keep myself functioning as an adult, especially with a little person who doesn't like to drive far (and we live somewhere that's pretty isolated. Everything necessitates a 30+ minute drive), I've come up with some things that help keep me happy.

Or sing, or paint, or go on forums. Stay in touch with the outside world. I thought I was a Facebook addict before, but I am even more so now. There's tons of groups for advice or commiseration. It has been so important for me to have a creative outlet as well as a connection with the world.

-Go for a walk
It's easy. The baby will like it. You'll both get Vitamin D (low D is correlated with some mood disorders), fresh air, exercise. If you're lucky, a neighbor will be outside and you can talk to another adult. Walks are the best.

-Make coffee
Or tea, or fancy waffles. Make real lunch instead of eating a piece of bread, followed by lettuce (not a salad, just lettuce) and a spoonful of peanut butter... not that I've ever done that... Just because you're alone(ish) doesn't mean you need to eat super sad meals. The first time I made coffee for myself I was so damn proud. It felt like I was doing something special just for me. We have an Aeropress so it takes time and is more involved than a K cup and hitting "brew." I think that adds to the specialness.

-Find somewhere close to visit
I recently met up with a friend at a coffee shop 6 miles (!!!!) from my house. This is a huge deal because I live in the middle of nowhere. The coffee was good, the employees were nice. This is somewhere I can go when I'm 100% stir crazy. Someone else can make lunch for me, maybe I'll get a conversation.

-Find your people
I'm still working on this one. I'm not the most socially confident person, so finding people that I mesh with has been tricky. I've actually gone to multiple social events trying to find moms I like. I'm not there yet, but I have hope.

-Enjoy your baby
This might sound like the most obvious thing, but some days it is hard to enjoy all the moments of the day. Some of those moments won't ever really be enjoyable, but if I'm having a particularly hard time, I take a minute to just stare at D, soak up the whole "miracle of life" thing, and reset. Babies are ridiculously cool. They're amazing little sponges and if all else fails, they're super soft. I put my face on his tummy, breathe, and hug that baby. I'm pretty important to this little guy, and what I'm doing matters.

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