Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Positive things about having a baby who hates the car

Let's look on the bright side!

- Save money!
If I left the house every day, I might do things like buy coffee or lunch. We might eat dinner out. Who wants to throw money away on those silly things? Be a homebody, save some cash.

-Increase creativity
When your only playmate is a 3 month old, you have to get creative. Turns out, I can make a song out of pretty much everything. We sing songs about laundry, changing diapers, eating cereal. I have time to figure out how to shoehorn Game of Thrones gifs into a post about staying home with my baby. So creative over here!

The title of this gif is "sad Jon Snow" and it has no relevance to this point. I just love the simple description. 

-Reduce germ exposure
We haven't had an illness yet. 15 weeks and going strong! I know I'm jinxing myself, and it's not like he doesn't get any exposure to weird stuff. The dog licks his face, he's getting all sorts of immunity. He's just not getting nasty strangers-touching-his-face germs. Why do strangers think they should touch your baby? Weird.

-Really, really keep up to date on Facebook
This is negative, because it turns out I really don't want to be more into Facebook. Most people are not that interesting, but I still find myself reading their inane posts. I can throw stones because I rarely post on Facebook, so I'm not one of them. I'm special. And judgey.

True dat. 

-Reduce wear and tear on car
My car's oil change light has been on, not exaggerating, since before D was born. Since I don't drive that many miles, it's still in the "get an oil change sometime soonish" range, not in the danger zone. Putting off that annoying task pleases me.

Sadly, this is not titled "happy Jon Snow," but they can't all be winners.

-No need for real clothes!
The baby and I can wear pajamas all day and no one is the wiser. Except when I have to protect the mail delivery lady from Kiwi and I can feel her judging eyes on my bedhead at 2pm.

You and me both, Arya.


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