Monday, May 4, 2015

New mom running goals

With my tiny life addition and my body changes related to that new addition, I've been trying to come up with reasonable goals for running. My previous goals (Boston or bust!) are on hold while I prioritize the little guy. But that doesn't mean I can't have some smaller things to shoot for.

This basically boils down to running every single time I have a chance. If that's during a morning nap that only lasts 20 minutes, so be it. If it's 2 days back to back, fine. I don't want to get caught in a "but... baby!" cycle day after day and miss opportunities to run.

Run outside
I like the treadmill. There's no shame in that. I ran a 3:38 marathon with a fair amount of treadmill running. But right now, since the number of miles I'm running won't be as high as I'd like, I need those miles to be quality. Running outside is better for one million reasons. I will benefit more from an outside run than an inside run, so I will do my best to get outside every run. Except if it's raining. See? I am already making excuses. I just love the treadmill so much.

Try some speedwork
See above. Since I might not be running as frequently as I'd like, I need to get some quality runs in when I can. I have been really inconsistent with speedwork for the last several years, opting instead to jam in as many calorie burning miles as possible, so any amount of speedwork will hopefully pay off with improved speed. Duh.

Fix my awful posture
Wherefore art thou, neck? Also, arm swing. Also, heel strike. Ugh.

Holding a baby, having suddenly enormous boobs, and sleeping funny are all adversely effecting my posture, which was already kind of awful. I have never really looked like a runner when I run, I tend to plod instead of cruise. I am pretty sure I'll always look like I'm having a hard time, but at least I can relax my shoulders, control my arms, and improve my alignment so I can run a bit more efficiently. I'm also going to focus on my cadence, which suffers when I'm tired (see graph below from my Garmin. That gradual decrease in steps per minute is no bueno)

Get out of the house everyday
This whole stay at home mom thing can be so isolating, and although I'm not sitting most of the day (see also: baby who needs constant motion), I'm not really active either. Daily walks are good for vitamin D and Kiwi's health, and keep us all from being stir crazy. Carrying 15 lbs. while walking is also good for an extra cardio boost.

Race more
You get better at racing by racing more. Duh, again. I am out of practice with racing and pacing, as evidenced by my recent 5k(s), so more races will = better races.

and my #1 goal:
Sub-23 minute 5k
This means >2 minutes off my current time (25 min) before the end of the 5k season. That's ~40 seconds per mile (<7:23 pace), which, yes, is a ton, but goals are goals for a reason. I have no idea if this is attainable, but I like to think with some increased time on my feet, speedwork, and losing a bit more baby weight it is totally doable. 

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