Thursday, May 28, 2015

Half marathon logistics

I ran 7 miles the other day (good job, self!) and it got me thinking about my plans for fall races. My local running club's Grand Prix has a 10 mile race included in it, so we need to be in 10-miler shape by October. Being in shape for that race would support a decent half marathon as well, but that's where things get tricky.

D likes to eat. A lot. Like, he would eat every 30 minutes if he could. I am not pumping or bottle feeding at all, I don't even own a pump (because my insurance company was disorganized, and then I had a baby and stopped caring). So, keeping D happy for more an hour is tricky. My 7 mile run the other day was at the very top end of how long he can usually be without me. That means, unless things drastically change, it would be really hard to train for a decent half because my longest run wouldn't be long enough. Lame. I could do a 10 miler on a 7 mile long run, but not 13.1.

Also, the fussiness with this baby is still off the charts. It's really hard to take him places, so driving (car rides are hell) to a race, rushing to feed him and then leaving him (time without me is hell) for 2 hours just doesn't sound like fun. He'll be eating solids in the fall, but it'll still be tricky. This is all assuming he doesn't suddenly turn into a super happy baby between now and then, but I have to assume he'll be the same kid for the foreseeable future.

How do other moms do it? Do I have to pump to be able to get any longer runs in? That doesn't seem like fun. I'm not itching to do a half, necessarily, but it could be fun, and it would provide some structure to my training. I need structure in a world where some naps are 10 minutes and some are 2 hours (!?!?!).

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