Wednesday, May 13, 2015

3 months post-partum

I think I'll stop doing these updates because at this point, the only exciting new thing that's happening for me, body-wise, is my hair is falling out. It is "supposed" to start falling out about 3 months after delivery, and it sure has. Every time I brush my hair way from my face I come back with a couple hairs. Farewell, thick, glorious pregnancy hair.

I miss that belly. 

As far as workouts go, I'm getting into a decent groove. I do something almost every day, either a real live workout or a walk with the baby and dog.  I have my mom and Nick (and Graco, the makers of our swing) to thank for that. I couldn't possibly have that much me time without their support. They're the best. 

I finally look forward to running. When I was overdoing it, I would dread almost every run. I'd have a workout hanging over my head each day, instead of getting excited for it. Now, whether it's because it's the only time I spend without a baby strapped to me, or because I'm fueling my body properly and treating it well, I really savor my running time. I might not savor every minute of it, but I look forward to getting outside, blasting music, and moving my body. I feel like I should have a shirt made or something, this is such a big deal to me. I thought I actually hated running, just love the calorie burn and endorphins. It is a relief to know I'm not 100% lazy at my core. 

When do I stop being a "new mom?" Three months out, and life seems fairly under control. Not that we've figured out the key to D's happiness. He is still a puzzle that can't always be solved, but we have at least figured out the nuts and bolts of daily life with him. I can leave the house with about 30 minutes of prep time instead of needing an hour or more. I'm pretty much a superhero.

I miss pregnancy for some completely selfish reasons. During pregnancy, it was all about me (I feel like a tool typing that... but it's honest). Now, I feel like I've disappeared. We were hiking the other day with D and someone said "Oh what a beautiful family!" I said that they really just meant D and Kiwi, and Nick joked, "yeah, we were beautiful before we had them!" That's how I feel. I am so happy to have this gorgeous baby, but I'm still here, holding him. I guess I'm still adjusting to the whole motherhood thing. I would do anything for D, and that includes letting him be the focus of attention in every room. He deserves it. 

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