Monday, May 18, 2015

2015 RVRS 5K Race Report

Another weekend, another 5K. As part of my running goals for this summer, we've been racing more frequently. It's fun! This 5K fit in our schedule, and we also had childcare (my awesome dad) available. I wasn't worried about the actual size/quality of the race until we got there and saw it was teeny. So, so small. I think maybe 40 runners? Or even less. It was small enough I was slightly worried I wouldn't have anyone to help me pace. I resolved to just do my best and try to run faster than my last race (24:45ish). 

You and me both, Dubya. Except maybe I accomplished mine a little more.  

My dad took this photo while holding a baby. Ultimate multitasking. 

7:27, 7:49, 7:37, 6:43 for the nubbin. 23:33. 1st place female. 
D was pretty pleased with my time.

I am pleased with my splits. I dragged in the middle, yes, but I managed to pull it out at the end. Go me. I think if I'd had a few more people around to help drag me in, I'd have run a bit faster. This time is similar to the end of 2012, when I was in 4 hour marathon shape. Obviously I don't have the endurance back yet, but I have some (for me) speediness. My goal of being sub-23 by the end of the summer is totally feasible. I'm pumped. 

I fueled for this race with a ridiculously cheesy pizza and a couple beers the night before. I had a banana, a gel, and coffee before the race. Breakfast of champions. I also decided to be slightly responsible and warm up before the race! That's new. I ran for a few minutes and did 2 strides so my legs knew what fast felt like. Did it help? Probably not as much as the huge amount of caffeine I consumed (gel had caffeine too + coffee. Yikes), but it got my blood flowing.

My plan of attack for the next couple months remains the same, since clearly something is working (or... I'm just losing a few pounds and running semi-frequently). I'll do "speedwork" at least once a week, get in a longish (6 mile) run at least once a week, and include 1 day of HIIT to get my cardiovascular system in better shape. My 5K PR is 22:24. It's a big leap to go from 23some to 22some, but I am optimistic. 

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