Thursday, April 9, 2015

We've known you for 2 months!

Two months. Two. Holy cow.
Eyes askew, cheeks aplenty.

Not going to lie, this month had hard times. Why am I telling you this? You were there, lungs a-blazing. You have so much spirit for such a tiny person, and it overwhelms you. I get it. You are the child of someone who has many feels as well, I understand that at the end of the day sometimes you just need to cry. It makes for some very long nights, but these days are short and I will not wish them away.

So many faces!

Kiwi lovin.

I want to bottle you up. 

This month was huge for development. You rolled over! It happened accidentally a couple times when you were frustrated during tummy time. You'd get riled up, start squirming and then-oops!-onto your back. Since then, you've done it more intentionally but I still don't think the thought process of "I do detest being on my tummy. I shall roll! *rolls* Jolly good, this is much improved!" exists. But it's adorable to see. Your head control is pretty amazing overall. You're trying pretty hard to roll from back to tummy, but you only get as far as being slightly twisted. There's much squawking. You'll get it someday soon.

You also follow us and your toys with much more attention. You love the peacock your Aunt and Uncle bought you! The black and white patterns mesmerize you. It's sweet to watch you absorb the patterns. So, so cute.

Your dimples. I die.

You have the very best faces. You have stepped up your game this month as far as expressing emotions. You now SMILE. I cry every time you do it, it's so rewarding. A friend said when her child started smiling it changed everything, because she knew he liked her. That is how I feel. Now I know you actually like being around me. I'm not JUST a walking milk dispenser. You also coo and make lots of other little noises. Your squawk means you're exerting yourself. You have so many sounds, it is wonderful. You are also sort of finding your hands. I have a video of you sucking your thumb knuckle. Haven't quite gotten the thumb in the mouth business yet. I won't put the video it on the internet, but it is freaking adorable.

Intense love of tummy time fish!!!

You met your Aunt Lisa this month. You are so precious, you give everyone baby fever. You also got to meet your cousins. Little man, you are so loved and adored by them. They kept saying how tiny and cute you are. And you got more little boy clothes! You'll be so well dressed!

Someday you two will love each other. Until then, it's hard days for Kiwi.

You are a champion eater. I confess, nursing is my go-to comforting tool. I know it'll make you happ(ier) 98% of the time, so if you're fussing, you get the boob. You went to the pediatrician for a tummy thing earlier this week and were almost 13 lbs! That's a 6 lb gain in 2 months! Your thighs are chubby and wonderful I can barely compare you to the little guy you were a month ago. You get more fun each and every day. I love being your mommy.

You like: the exercise ball, being in the Moby or ring sling, going for walks (you sleep so soundly), the ceiling fan (we joke that it's your deity)

You dislike: going to bed at night, putting on socks, being cradled, riding in the car

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