Monday, April 6, 2015

Looking for Trouble 5K Race Report

I won another 5k. I really need to live here forever so I can fancy myself an elite runner for the rest of my days.

This is a small 5K and I'm so glad it's what I ended up doing for my triumphant return to racing. My dad came to watch D and be our photographer. He is awesome. D slept the whole time. He's my child, being tired at inconvenient times, like races, but not tired at night.

Thanks for the cuddles, Grandpa.

It was chilly but I don't believe in long sleeves

As I lay awake with D the night before (don't you know your mother paid $30 to run for 25 minutes tomorrow, child?!? LET HER DO HER BEST.) I was legitimately freaking out about this race. I had run 3+ miles 6 times since D's birth, but I was super worried I'd go out too fast and end up walking at the end. I started near the front but I didn't want to be too high up there because, you know, 8 weeks post-partum. The race was tiny enough that I could count the women in front of me. I was 4th at the start. That did not seem right, but I figured I'd stay comfortable and let others pass me. But then I passed one woman... then a second woman... Just about a mile in, I was nearing the first place woman. After playing rabbit with her for a little bit, I got in front of her and stayed in front. Cue freaking out about maintaining a lead, while trying not to care and just run steadily.

And steady I did. Mile splits: 7:59, 8:01, 8:02, 7:36 for the nubbin. Garmin said my time for the actual 5k was 24:50. And I won for the women, which is nuts. Nick was nice and speedy, finishing in the low 20's. He was 5th overall.

I am so glad I ripped the post-partum racing band-aid off at a low key race and had a confidence boosting result. Plus, my prize was a restaurant gift certificate, which is useful. Our next 5K is this upcoming weekend. Much bigger, no awards are in the cards (for me at least). It's so nice to be back to a pre-baby activity that easily incorporates D. Happy days. 

Post-race glow. 

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