Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cloth diapering for cheap people

My mom cloth diapered with my brother and me. It was more common back in those days, but there were not a lot of options for the type of cloth diapers. Based on what she told me, I figured it would be relatively straightforward with our own child.

 When we decided it was something we'd like to do with our baby, I started researching.
I just... I just love the Internet so much.

The thing is, in theory you can just slap whatever cloth thing on your kid's behind, cover it with something waterproof, and call it a day. But because more technology = better, there are now these complicated diapering systems 
All I see is something that costs $30 that's going to be pooped on.

I mean... really.

So after being overwhelmed and trying to learn everything, I decided to go my usual route. What's cheap and easy? Let's do that. I started looking at various diaper re-sale sites. Yes, I bought used diapers for my precious first born child. I am not sorry. Because I bought used, I spent less than $200 on the whole shebang, but even if this had all been new, it wouldn't have been very expensive. Our stash consists of:

36ish Birdseye cotton flats
24 small prefolds (2 months to 6ish months)
6 newborn covers
12ish Size 1 (newborn to 6ish months) and Size 2 (6ish months to toddler) covers
Cloth wipes
2 wetbags and 2 pail liners

That's it. And what we have does a great job of keeping D clean and dry. We'll need more prefolds and probably another batch of flats because these are getting washed so much, but overall, this is working very well. Plus, it's all super easy to clean. Flats are like dish towels, they're relatively thin. They're cotton. They can be bleached if necessary. That complicated diaper above has microfiber and other weirdness that doesn't wash or dry very well. It's mega absorbent (nice) but that means it takes forever to dry. Complicated diapers like those have created a whole special subset of diaper/detergent science enthusiasts. There's a facebook group with 45,000 members dedicated to discussing how to properly wash diapers. 

Granted, we've only been doing this for 7 weeks, but it's been pretty enjoyable. Disposables might be easier, and yes, I do a fair amount of laundry (every other day), but it works well for us. And we're not generating huge amounts of diaper trash or spending silly amounts of money buying new diapers every week/month. That makes me happy. 

Bonus, he's SUPER CUTE with his wee tiny diaper cover. So, so cute (this was day 5).

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