Saturday, April 18, 2015

2015 Hospice 5K Race report

Last Saturday, Nick and I ran the Hospice 5K. We ran it a few years ago (2012) and liked the race. It's also part of our running club's Grand Prix, so if we run and do well, we get points towards that.

Following my stellar post-partum 5K debut time of 25:40, my only goal was to beat that. And I did, sort of.

Let's start from the beginning. Nick's mom was in town for a visit and she agreed to watch D while we ran. Awesome. However, there was a miscommunication and we ended up meeting up just as the race started. Nick had gone ahead and started with everyone else (he was 8th overall but 5th in his age group! Again with the overachieving 30-somethings!) while I waited to hand off the baby. I found her just as the walkers started across the line. Oh well, that's what chip timing is for, right?

Well, yes and no. It is advantageous to start with other runners because 1) you're surrounded by runners, not walkers, so you're not dodging people, and 2) you have some concept of how fast people around you are running, so you don't way overdo it and the flame out. I was so antsy to catch up to runners, I hauled ass for the first mile. First one was 7:30. I knew that was too fast, but  I still felt like I was behind the bulk of the runners. I felt myself fading and there were some slight hills. Second mile was 7:52.much betterr. Unfortunately, I was spent mentally and physically from the way too fast first mile and lost it in mile 3. 8:19. Oof. 7:37 for the nubbin. Chip time was 25:05. 

Run like the... breeze?

I found Nick, D and Nick's mom. She reported that D had slept like a champ. He loves the race atmosphere. Good boy. 

My blah time got me 3rd in my age group, woohoo. My garmin said my overall time for the 5k was slightly slower than the previous week, but since the course was truer, my finish time was faster, so... Whatever that means. I didn't run as well. I give myself a C for "Crappy race execution."
It was breezy so he wore Nick's shirt. Adorbs. 

The race was very well run, with tons of tasty snacks at the finish. I got a cute medal. Good times. 

The best news is that I ran this race in 2012 in a comparable time, but was running sub-24 by the end of the year. There's hope that with more miles and maybe, heaven forbid, speed work, I can be in decent shape by the end of the year. 


  1. You should give yourself a break sister. Running this soon after baby is miraculous. Crappy race execution my @$$

  2. You should give yourself a break sister. Running this soon after baby is miraculous. Crappy race execution my @$$