Tuesday, March 10, 2015

We've known you for one month!

Baby D, we did it! We made it a month!

The past couple weeks have had some lows (awful diaper rash that made you super fussy) and the highest highs- you can turn your little head side to side on your tummy in response to our voices (started this at about 2.5 weeks!). We're a little partial, but that pretty much makes you the most amazing baby in the whole wide world.

Kiwi gets in on tummy time as well. It's adorable.

Nick was on nights for a lot of this month, and that sucked and we missed him. It meant that I was pretty much your only entertainment. We sang a lot of "If you're happy and you know it..." [acceptable actions: kiss the baby, clap your hands, lift baby in the air, tickle the belly] and, oddly, America the Beautiful and Billy Joel. I can't explain why my brain comes up with these songs. You're still pretty skeptical of the whole singing thing anyway. 

You eat like a champ but are sometimes a little... overenthusiastic so a lactation consultant came to visit us. She said you have reflux, I have oversupply, and those two things don't play well together. That explains a lot! You have a love/hate relationship with eating because it hurts. It makes me so sad to hear your cries of discomfort and hopefully some of the tips she gave us will help out. You also might have a cow's milk allergy, according to your pediatrician, so I'm cutting out dairy to see if it soothes your tummy. 

You are transitioning out of your newborn clothes and into the 0-3 month stuff. They make you look like a little hobo though, they're too big in the shoulders and body but your long legs fill them out. Your little face is chubbing up adorably. You were 9 lb, 6 oz. at the pediatrician today! Wow! Seeing you grow bigger and stronger is so, so rewarding and bittersweet. You're already a different baby than you were one month ago!

You like: eating, being held upright, bouncing on the exercise ball, tummy time (for a little while)

You dislike: having your feet touched, laying flat on your back, being in your carseat

We can't wait to see your sweet smile for real (your fake/gas smiles are amazing!) and see your little personality develop. We are so happy to be your parents, Little Man.

Pardon me while I squish your face all the time.

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