Monday, March 2, 2015


It's been pretty quiet around here. Turns out, caring for a baby is hard work! I'd heard from everyone that around the 2 or 3 week mark you start to hit your stride. That might be true- I feel way more capable of actually caring for D and getting through the day and night- but waking up every 2 or 3 hours to take care of another person... wow. It's tough.

Still, I no longer feel like a zombie, and am actually pretty proud of some of the things I've been able to accomplish (disclaimer: my mom totally just came and washed my floors and cleaned my bathrooms so I am well aware I'm not breaking records for productivity over here). D sleeps like a rock in the Moby wrap (Nick even wore him for a little while! Everyone can appreciate the hands-freeness!) which is wonderful.
I am so creepy.

Sorry, husband, this picture is on the intertubes forever. 

I put him on when he's well-fed and have 2 -3 hours of "me time." I walk on the treadmill (still too cold outside), cook, fold laundry... the list of things that need 2 hands is endless!

Things that can be done with one hand:
- cutting cheese (actual cheese cutting. Not a gas joke)
- eating yogurt
- sorting laundry
- vacuuming
- brushing teeth

Things that cannot be done with one hand:
- grating cheese (why did I buy the huge block of cheese instead of pre-shredded? C'mon, past Laurel)
- peeling an orange
- Screwing together a baby play gym thing... actually anything involving tools probably shouldn't be done while holding a baby
- folding laundry
- scrubbing things
- flossing (I have tried...)

I also attended a babywearing meeting and borrowed an awesome ring sling. This thing holds D like a vise (in a good way!). Since this kid isn't happy if he's not being held, this sling will be my best friend for a while.

I am not complaining one bit, our little guy is awesome! I'll forgo grated cheese and folded laundry if it means I get to snuggle him all day. 

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