Monday, March 16, 2015

Learning patience

I basically know nothing about parenting, but since I have kept a tiny human alive for a month now, I feel like I have a teeny bit of insight about the newborn stage, at least. The biggest thing so far is that everything just takes longer. Want to leave the house? Plan two hours ahead. That gives us time to get in a feeding for D, change my clothes, eat, get Kiwi situated, pack the diaper bag, and change D's clothes. Usually by the end of all those things, it's time to feed D again, change his diaper, load him in the car seat (pleasestayasleep) and go. Two hours. Seriously.

This time has to be allotted when we are changing locations too. So when I went out breakfast with some local moms and wanted to go back home, I had to allot 40 minutes or so to feed, change, and get him settled enough to make the 20 minute drive home.

I've learned that trying to rush this process just results in tears for both of us. Taking the time to get him happy and settled is worth it because otherwise I'll have an unhappy baby when I'm on the road. No bueno. It also encourages me to sit back and enjoy his snuggles instead of rushing to the next thing, which I should be doing anyway (because if you haven't been on any mothering sites/forums lately, "embracing every moment" is a thing, even if that moment is peeing on the public restroom changing table when you're 15 minutes late for a pediatrician appointment.)

For someone who is very much a control freak and would get twitchy when I realized I hadn't accounted for the 1.5 minutes it takes to feed the dog in my carefully calculated daily timeline, these unpredictable parts of parenthood have been hard, but I'm learning. Whatever surface/garment/couch pillow can be peed on, will be peed on. Best to just embrace it, chuckle, and mental note to bring 2 extra outfits for next time. 

Bonus: cute baby picture.

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