Monday, March 30, 2015

Growing out my pixie cut

Yes, it's about hair but if you stay to the end there's a baby.

I cut my hair into a pixie for the first time in March 2012. My hair was long and stringy and I needed a change. The before and after are pretty telling to me. I think I just look happier in the after picture. I was happier! My hair didn't suck as much anymore!

I grew it out for our wedding. I don't remember that growing out process being all that painful. Yes, there were some low points:
This was supposed to be a photo of the teeny Sriracha bottle in Belgium. Turned out the real subjects are my ratty hair and poor posture. 

But for the most part I just dealt with it. It was nice and long(ish) by the wedding.
The female mantis prepares for her prey by unlatching her jaw... (but really I think this is the point in Nick's vows when I realized we'd written similar things. Twue wuv)

And a pretty pic, just because.

After the wedding, I even had enough to put in a wee tiny ponytail. How cute!

Then I chopped it off again and decided I'd just have a pixie cut for the rest of my life. It was so much easier and I thought it was pretty flattering.

I stayed strong with that for about a year. The funny thing about hair is, it grows. A lot. And pregnancy makes it suddenly thick. I thought I'd take advantage of my suddenly luscious locks and grow my hair out again. Because I'm a masochist. And since I was taking weekly belly photos, I got a nice week by week diary of my hair.
Go on...



Why does growing hair out suck so much more this time? I have gotten 3 official haircuts in the past 4 or 5 months. All she's done is trim my neck hair so my mullet doesn't adopt its final form. Nick has also touched up my hair a couple times to help even out the back. Somehow, even with this maintenance, I am SO IRRITATED by my hair. Every day, it irks me.

Yes, that's my nursing bra. Hawt. But OMG, sleeping baby cheeks.

Cheesing to show off my mad Moby skills and mad hair in my face.

Daily, I resist the urge to chop it all off again and just go back to the pixie. Especially since post-partum hair loss is due to start any week now (and I hear it's brutal). But I figure this is a test of wills. Will I give in before my hair gets to a manageable length? We shall see. 

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