Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Crunchy parenting

I had a homebirth. We co-sleep. I babywear. We cloth diaper. Are we creating a tiny, high maintenance, co-dependent monster? That's what some parenting advice would tell you. 
I adore this little monster.

I didn't read any parenting books while I was pregnant. I read up on baby care in my pregnancy books, but not nearly as much as I should have. As far as actual parenting? Nope. This is weird because I read EVERYTHING about pregnancy. I wanted tons of information about how the little guy was developing and how my body was changing. I read up on childbirth in general and homebirth in particular. I thought about parenting a little but mostly just... figured we'd figure it out.

Maybe this is why a lot of the "crunchy" things we're doing now don't feel crunchy to me. Co-sleeping feels completely natural. Cloth diapering makes a ton of financial sense (I will post more about this later, but I spent a grand total of $150 on diapers for this little guy. They'll last him at least until 6 months, if not much longer. Winning.) Breastfeeding on demand and not trying to get him on a sleep schedule feels like the right thing to do at this point. Babywearing is convenient and comfortable.

I know when we're trying to discipline D and dealing with more complex issues, parenting books will come in handy, but for now we're doing this pretty much instinctively. If his cheek growth is any indication, we are doing alright. This doesn't mean I haven't anxiously Googled a million issues (there are many, many photo galleries of newborn poop.) but for once I'm trying to relax and enjoy these times instead of overthinking things. He's tiny. He needs snuggles, singing, and food. I can provide those things. 

Yesterday I woke him from a nap because I couldn't resist eating up his delicious cheeks. This kid's going to be so embarrassed by me. 

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