Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We've known you for 2 weeks

Baby D, you are now 2 weeks old! That means that 2 weeks ago, I was crying and saying how hard labor was, while also getting so, so excited to meet you.

I call you Little Man.

Your dad calls you Nugget.

Kiwi seems unsure what to think but enjoys sniffing you and carrying your tiny clothing around the house.

When you're awake, you're often angry at the world.

And when you're asleep you still do some serious brow furrowing.

This is your wee tiny body in your Valentine's Day diaper. Sorry for putting your nakedness on the Internet so early.

You like: our voices, being held upright, being walked around, the rocking chair, being awake at night.

You dislike: some diaper changes, all clothing changes, not being held.

You have the softest cheeks, the sweetest little nose, the sharpest nails, and the most heart-wrenching cries. You are an "easy" baby (as long as you're being held!) with big old feet and hands. You are so sweet and snuggly and we cherish these early, sometimes challenging days with you. 

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