Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rules are made to be broken

Back in my pre-Occupy Uterus days, I thought about what my blog might become when I got pregnant. Would I only be able to write about pregnancy and nothing else? Surely not, said the old me, you're not so one-dimensional as that!

Nope, I'm pretty one-dimensional. I go to work and do my job but when I have any downtime, my thoughts go to baby things. Being kicked regularly and feeling hiccups that jostle the insides tend to get my attention.

So, I'm sorry for being so internally focused, but I am also not sorry. I love pregnancy and I'm fascinated by it and want to talk about it all the time (note: this does not mean that I need every person I encounter to ask me how I'm feeling. That's annoying).

That's my preface to talking about all the pregnancy "rules" I've broken.

- No runny eggs. I don't do runny eggs on a regular basis, because they're gross, but I ate 2+ eggs a day when we were in Italy, where they only do runny eggs. I'm fine. We're both still, literally, kicking.

- No soft cheeses. Ditto everything about runny eggs. Except I still totally eat feta in the US.

- No running in your last trimester. This isn't a common warning, but it's out there. I'm not going to shake out a half-baked baby by running. S/he's still solidly in there, and I'm still sort of running,

- No booze. I haven't been getting drunk, obviously. but I've had sips of Nick's beer when he gets some with dinner, or wine when we're cooking with it.

- No caffeine. I have limited my amount, but the desire for a hot cup of coffee on Sunday with breakfast is still very strong. And have I mentioned that pregnancy sleep completely sucks? That means sometimes come caffeine is all that's between me and napping beneath my desk.

- Limit sweets. Nonsense.  I'm trying to eat as many healthy calories as possible, but adding in fun calories as well. As someone who had has trouble with eating normally, having an entire food group be off limits is dumb.

- Limit stress. HAHAHAHAHA. ha. ha. Right. First of all, my job is ridiculous right now. Second of all, have you met me?

And for fun, here's what full/early term (37 weeks) me looks like.:
Jeans hide my elephant ankles beautifully. And that belly sees the sunrise before I do. 

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