Monday, February 9, 2015

False alarm

Warning: going to try and keep this not-too-TMI but... consider yourself warned. Signs of labor are discussed.

I got to be that pregnant lady. Saturday morning, I was getting ready to go judge the local Science Fair (my two favorite things- science and judging!). when I felt... moisture. I questioned whether my water was breaking and thought it couldn't be. It was too subtle and undramatic. Even in our Bradley classes when water breaking myths were debunked (most labors do NOT start with a gush on the grocery store floor) they mentioned that it's still a fair amount. This wasn't much but I still thought I'd give the midwives a call. I lucked out and got my favorite midwife. I thought she'd say "nope, you're fine, chill out and see you at your weekly appointment" but instead she said "might be amniotic fluid, you need to come in this morning and if it is, we'll be inducing* you today." Whaaaaaaa??? 

This is all happening before 7am on a Saturday. 

I started shaking. There were tears. I was generally being a drama queen. I cannot have a baby yet! I still need to place an Amazon order and redeem my registry completion discount (not dramatizing... that is literally the #1 thing on my to do list)! I don't have any nursing bras! We need to give Kiwi a bath! I'm not done making freezer meals! Is this why I felt like nesting yesterday? Is my vaguely achy lower back actually me having contractions? Is this mild pressure me needing to push? Drama queen me was super hopeful I'd missed all the hard parts of labor and the baby would just slip on out. I Drama queen me has zero logic. I also googled "38 weeks gestation" and the internet told me that our baby will be bad at math and basically never excel. Nooo! I must continue cooking! S/he cannot be an underachiever!

I drove the 45 minutes to the birth center to meet the midwife but she did not have her keys, so we waited for her husband to bring them. It gave us a long while to hang out and chat about birth, which was awesome. She bought me coffee and said she would not judge me for drinking caffeine. Basically, she's my hero. It helped calm me down and get me out of freak out mode. She told me she'd had the exact same kind of visit during her first pregnancy, so she's totally understanding when women do this. She's also a science major. We're BFF now.

As you can probably tell by the title, my water is not actually broken. Still intact, I'm just leaky. Pregnancy is really delightful like that. She said I'll most likely keep on going until my due date and know when actual labor starts because there will be real contractions instead of vague wetness. 

*if you're questioning the logic behind induction when our whole goal is a med-free birth, I was too. Basically, they would want to move labor along with all the low-risk interventions (Cervidil and walking, not Pitocin) and get labor going so I don't end up still leaking fluid but not in labor in 4 or 5 days, a higher risk situation. They'd rather maintain the out-of-hospital experience for me by getting everything chugging along versus letting it languish and maybe getting into a place where the hospital and interventions seemed necessary.

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