Thursday, February 19, 2015

Baby D's Birth Story- Part 2

Warning again- lots of TMI, lots of words. (spoiler alert!) Baby pics if you make it to the end!

When we left off, I was having irregular contractions at the birth center during my NST and first 2 hours of Cervidil and cervical catheter. I was still happy and talking. Things wrapped up with a quick IV of penicillin (turns out I'm not allergic, thank goodness) and a dose of Ambien to help me get some sleep before labor got hot and heavy in the morning. We left the birth center around 3 am to make the 45 minute drive home. I was freezing from the IV and uncomfortable from contractions. About 5 minutes from the house, I suddenly needed to puke... well, there goes the Ambien. Luckily, I had a second one but needed to wait a full hour before I could take it. I knew I wouldn't sleep well without some meds, so I crawled in bed, breathed through contractions, and waited until I could take more medicine. I slept poorly the next few hours, but at least I slept. The catheter came out in the wee hours of the morning, which was great! It meant my cervix was around 4 cm. 40% of the way there. Good job, body! I couldn't really talk through contractions, but they weren't taking over my body, so I knew I wasn't too deep into active labor yet.

I moved down to the couch to try and sleep more. Ambien puts me in a coma, apparently.  I spent the next couple hours there. The midwife, Marsha, arrived around 9 am to give me another dose of antibiotics. I had been timing contractions and they were lasting around 1 minute and as close together as 2 minutes but they weren't progressing. We'd had an hour of that exact same thing. Around 10 am she checked my cervix (5 cm) and offered to rupture my forebag of membranes. So many membranes. I was still a zombie at that point and in a good bit of pain, so I said sure. There was a big gush and an even bigger shift in my body. Very suddenly, things got REAL.

Me on the couch. Oh puffy pregnant face, I do not miss you.

I wanted a shower (because "Who gives birth unshowered?" was an actual thought I had). I wanted to eat. I badly wanted to sleep. Nick, who had been a great, solid, comforting presence all along, now shifted into coach mode. He asked me to get up and move around to help labor get going. Little did we know, it was about to go quite well on its own, but moving around would only help matters. I took a shower but it was just miserable. I kept having to stop and moan through contractions. I barely got our and got dressed. I was STILL in an Ambien haze. Marsha was rushing around trying to get things set up (the birth assistant, Lori, and student midwife, Jennifer, both came later so Marsha had to do a lot on her own). Nick and Marsha were trying to double-make the bed so when the baby came out we could strip off the icky sheets and have nice clean dry ones underneath. Well, we have 2 sets of sheets that are identical except 1 set is full and 1 is king (our bed is a king). They were trying to solve that puzzle and I was helplessly laying on the floor in the other room, listening to their confusion. They asked me a question at one point and I just could not even handle any discussion. That's a good sign! Also, I really, really didn't care which set of sheets were on the bed. Really really really.

This is what transition looks like. Worst picture of me ever, but it's legit.

I was wandering around the house, moaning and dropping to my hands and knees. I felt like I got zero break in contractons. "This is transition, right? This HAS to be transition and I HAVE to almost be done!" I am so thankful for our Bradley classes teaching us labor signs, although Nick said he didn't know how serious it was at that point. He was helping Marsha a lot, which was a-ok with me because I did not want to be bothered. I puked again at some point. Apparently that's my labor thing. Nick had been trying really hard to get food and drink in me all morning. Instead I walked around with a tortilla and took 2 bites of it. Pretty sure Kiwi ate the rest.

Before we get to the good part, let's talk about Kiwi. She was AWESOME during the whole thing. She was sweet and wanted to be close to me (see above) but didn't irritate me. I was really worried she'd be intrusive or get scared, but she was chill. She loved having all the extra people around. She's such a great dog.

So. Transition. That sucked. The ladies were coaching me to lower my voice instead of screaming. That helped a lot but good god, I thought I was being ripped apart. It didn't help (or maybe it did?) that I was STILL in an Ambien haze. At least I think I was. Or mother nature softened reality for me during that time so I was able to relax. Who knows. I felt drugged either way. I started crying and saying things I'd heard in videos about how bad it hurt and how hard it was. I remember being really mindful of wanting to say all sorts of cuss words but not wanting to offend anyone. My brain is silly. 

I spent more time on all fours then got up  to use the bathroom. Have you ever tried to pee when you're contracting every 2 minutes for like 90 seconds each time? It's miserable. I was still crying. I sort of kind of thought I might need to push soon, so out of curiousity I reached down to see what was going on down there HOLY SHIT I THINK THERE'S A HEAD OMG OMG OMG.

I told the midwives and they were pretty psyched. They let me lay down which made me so, so happy. During this whole end part I was super worried about not being in motion and slowing labor down, so I had been forcing myself to keep moving (and had been coached by Nick as well). Laying down was bliss. During the next few contractions, I started pushing! It was amazing! I finally felt like I was doing something. I held onto Nick's hands tightly while the ladies tended to my lady parts. I laid on my side for the first part of pushing. He progressed down pretty quickly but wow, the "ring of fire" is no joke. I screamed when I first felt it (we did 2 steps forward, 1 step back so he'd be pushed down and then slip back up a bit). I just could not imagine pushing through that pain intentionally, even though I knew how close he was. Luckily, this is why you have midwives and a loving labor coach. They knew exactly how to tell me to push (quick grunting pulses along with longer pushes). They coached me through every second of pushing and told me how great I was doing and well everything was stretching (I'm proud of my body, right down to the perineum!). They did warm compresses down there and that helped immensely. 

Once his head started to come out, they saw he had his little right arm trying to come out with it. Ow. They had me switch over onto all fours. With a few more pushes, out he came, all slippery and amazing. He was born at 12:25 pm, after about 11 hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing. We had a little boy! There he was! We had a baby!!! It was just the most amazing feeling (and I am crying as I type this). I flipped over and they put him on my tummy and rubbed him and he cried those beautiful cries. He had the funniest cone head and tiny perfect body. I held him close and Nick and I just stared at him and cried. The midwives worked on getting my placenta out, which took a little while, but eventually came out just fine. They cut D's cord once it stopped pulsing (which we got to feel- SO COOL). We got tons of snuggly time with our little guy before they did the newborn exam. He was perfect (7 lb 1 oz at 38 weeks- he would have been huge in 2 more weeks!). 

I was super high on endorphins and probably still doped up on Ambien.

As promised, baby pics. This is day 1 or 2 when he's still rocking the alien look. 

And now as he's growing into his perfect little baby face. 

I will be back later with many more thoughts on homebirth and my postpartum experience. Because on day 8 I'm totally an expert!

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  1. You made me cry at work. Great job by all of Team Dane!!