Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Baby D's Birth Story- Part 1

This will be long and filled with TMI because I want to capture every little bit of our experience.

I wrote last week's post on Saturday, 2/7 just after all of my drama with the midwife and my not-yet-ruptured membranes. Pretty sure they were actually ruptured then, but that's not important anymore. I scheduled the post to go up on Monday (to maximize pageviews, obvi). And then we went about the rest of our weekend. We went to Annapolis with my parents, did some shopping and went out to dinner for my mom's birthday. It was nice. I continued to leak a little bit but thought nothing of it since I'd been tested just that morning.

Sunday morning I woke up and things felt pretty much the same. We had breakfast at home and got ready to go on a hike. We.debated going out to brunch with friends... it would have been incredibly awesome to have my water break at brunch considering the group we go with is not the most baby-inclined. We headed out to Cedarville State Forest, which is a neat park just 20 minutes from our house. The weather was amazing- we didn't need jackets- and it was just a beautiful day. We went off on a 6+ mile loop of the park. About 3 miles in, I squatted to pee in the wilderness. When I stood up, I was suddenly quite wet. I hadn't had the common problem of peeing myself during pregnancy, so this was pretty surprising. It didn't smell like much (amniotic fluid is supposed to smell "sweet" whatever the hell that means), so I thought it must be super watered down pee. Well, if I'm going to spontaneously pee myself, might as well have it start at the very end of pregnancy, right? We continued to hike and did over 6 miles in just under 2 hours. The leakage continued off and on, with what felt like little gushes coming out as I walked. This CANNOT be pee, I definitely did not feel like I was peeing, but I wasn't having contractions, and shouldn't labor start if my water is broken? Nick and I debated calling the midwives when we got home and talked about what it would mean if I was in labor. But I wasn't- still no contractions! I finally decided to wait until we were home, clean, dry, and could tell what was going on. I was 38 weeks pregnant.

We got home and showered and I was still definitely leaking. Oh well, let's head to the grocery store! I went shopping, had dinner (salad, Quorn "Chicken" picatta over pasta. Followed by ice cream. Carb heavy, good decision!) and finally pulled the trigger on calling the midwives at 9 pm. I partly waited that long because I didn't want the midwife who I'd seen on Saturday to have to talk me off the same ledge the very next day. Instead, I got a different midwife. She said "eh.. probably nothing but let's confirm. Oh, and bring snacks and comfortable clothes because if your membranes are ruptured we'll be inducing." This was the same thing I'd been told on Saturday, but this midwife (Jennifer) seemed a bit more definitive about our future.

We got to the birth center at about 10 pm. I brought brownies and date balls (blueberry coconut!). They did a few tests to see if my water had broken and it had. My lovely amniotic fluid passed the ferning test. Pretty ferns that terrified me- I'm getting induced? I'm having our baby early? This is not how I imagined it. The midwife and her student (also Jennifer!) calmly told us about the pros and cons of induction. Nick and I had been taught in Bradley class that interventions should be avoided at all costs because they're such a slippery slope. Jennifer said that the situation that I was in was the highest hospital transfer rate- about 50%. PROM and GBS+ is not a good combo. We felt so uneasy about our decision, but a quick call to my mom and a reminder that I trusted these women and wanted to do whatever I could to have a safe homebirth, so interventions would have to happen.

We talked about what time my water had broken and I said, certainly, it happened at 3 pm. She kept trying to get me to say a later time (to buy us some wiggle room with the 24 hour ROM clock), but I knew it was 3. That meant that the baby needed to be well on his way to being out by 3 pm the next day, and that I needed my first dose of antibiotics by 3 am.  It was already about midnight. I still wasn't having contractions- not a good sign. Things suddenly started to move very fast.

They gave me and baby a NST for 30 minutes to determine if he was an ok candidate for induction. All looked good, so I got a balloon catheter to mechanically dilate me and Cervidil to soften my cervix. The balloon catheter made me feel oddly full but it wasn't too painful. I was put on the monitors again. We needed 2 hours of his heart rate traces to ensure the Cervidil didn't adversely effect him. To get 2 good hours of data took almost 3 hours. I hung out on their futon and chatted with the ladies. They were so nice and really comforting. Soon, contractions started! This was very exciting and meant my body was receptive to the catheter and Cervidil ! I started to get pretty uncomfortable but the contractions were spaced pretty far apart (6-12ish minutes) so I rolled with them. I texted my friend who'd had her baby a few days prior. I started to get excited and scared. I was still unsure how my body would progress. Would it move along more on its own? Would the interventions do their job, or would they complicate things more?

Nick and I on the futon 

Back of Jennifer's head and the NST machine

To be continued... 

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