Monday, January 5, 2015

Resolution Run 5K recap

Subtitle: Pregnant or not, running is hard, yo.

This race was held on January 1. It has a blissfully late 9am start, so I actually got to sleep in! A++ would run again.

I had my normal eggs and a banana breakfast before leaving the house, plus half a cup of coffee while we waited for the start. My stomach was being ridiculous (I blame the enormous plate of lo mein I had for dinner the night before). It was also super cold- the start was in the low-20's. That is unusual for this area. I stressed about layers and ended up wearing the race shirt over my long-sleeve tech shirt. Major faux pas, but whatever, it kept my core warmish.

The race is on the small side, but not as small as some I've done recently. There were about 130 participants. The races is all along one very hilly access road. The hills! I have not run on anything remotely resembling hills in a year. That's not an exaggeration, it has been a year. Oof. They crushed my spirit and I slowed down far more than I normally would have. I got passed by a ton of people but just kept on trucking at a comfortable pace. No need to go crazy pushing myself with the little one rattling around in there.

I somehow finished in a relatively even, slight positive split, 27:02. 8:43/mile. Not too shabby, and similar to my other 5K's this pregnancy. I was surprised and delighted that my time somehow got me second in my age group! Nick got 3rd in his group and he was the 15th finisher overall! There are so many more fast guys around here.

This race was hard. It was hard because the last 2 races I've done have been with my dad, who is a great motivator and someone to keep me focused. It was hard because I'm carrying an ever-increasing amount of extra weight (40+ lbs more than my low/scary weight!). It was hard from the cold and the hills. I'm proud of myself for doing it and I would be lying if I said I wasn't tickled by the praise I got from strangers for running when I'm "so far along." It feels good to be an example of what pregnant women are capable of. The rest of the day I felt tired and a bit run down but I was SUPER HIGH on endorphins. The next day my legs were sore, but nothing too crazy.

This was my last "race" of this pregnancy. Our local club doesn't put on any real races the rest of January and February (although they have some trail races that would be appealing if the risk of falling wasn't so high...), so this was my last hurrah. I would really like to keep mixing running into my routine until I deliver, if possible, to help my muscles remember how they should be moving when I can get back to exercise post-partum. I'm just so glad to have made it this far and still be feeling great.

Glowing with pride, endorphins, and backlight. 

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