Friday, January 23, 2015

Now for something completely different

Here are some random baby and non-baby related projects we've done lately. 

New furniture! This is still a work in progress, but we saw this pretty furniture on a Facebook yard sale site a couple weeks back. It was a good price, particularly since we were having trouble swallowing the Pottery Barn Kids full bedroom set cost (yes, it's beautiful, but ugh...). The seller was a couple around our age. The woman had used this furniture growing up and still liked it, but wasn't interested in refinishing it, so here we are, with a set of furniture that needs to be refinished, which is something we have never done before. This should be fun. We bought the necessary tools and stripping chemicals this weekend. Now, to apply them when the weather doesn't suck.

Nick made ginger ale! Inspired by an episode of Good Eats (there's one "season" on Netflix. Go watch.), we checked out this recipe. He made it in a clean V8 bottle and it was delicious! It looks like unfiltered apple juice but it was great. It's a little scary to ferment stuff in your own home, but this was incredibly easy and the end result was great. 

New fireplace. Before- brassy ugliness:
After- black and sleek:

Other assorted things that I don't have pictures of: 
- Getting the exit of our walkout basement fixed up. This was always a nasty mess when it rained. We had a concrete pad outside the door that had slowly become covered by mud. Nick would uncover it occasionally but it would return to its natural state of ickiness. Kiwi loved it, because it was filled with buggy water, but we do not let our puppy's preferences dictate our lives. We had a landscaping company come in and change our whole drainage scheme in the back and really spiff it up. We now have a pretty stone patio that, best of all, drains away from the house. Kiwi misses her lake.

- Getting our garage fixed. It has structural issues where the roof wasn't quite installed correctly (minor detail..). As such, it leaked like a sieve. We found a great contractor who finished the work pretty quickly despite awful weather. We've had rain since then, and there haven't been any leaks. 

Hooray for being adults and spending lots of money on boring things!

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